• Excalibur performing Buzzing Sting.
  • Excalibur performing Sparking Torture.
  • Excalibur performing Guided Claw.

Burning Wasp is a stance mod for Whip type weapons. It is a specialized Stance that trades speed for range, its focused lashing attacks being able to hit targets from deceptively long ranges. The style of the stance utilizes a more flowing combo as opposed to Mod TT 20pxCoiling Viper's slithering, coiling style.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity

Combos Edit

Combo Name Button Combination
Sparking Torture PurpleBasex64Impact b300%BlueBasex64Knockdown b300%
Buzzing Sting* BlackUpx64( BlackBasex64200%BlackBasex64200%BlueBasex64Lifted b1x 300% Lifted b1x 200%)
Guided Claw* (BlackUpx64+  BlackBlockx64)( PurpleBasex64Impact b300%BlueBasex64300%)
Rolling Thunder  PurpleChargex64SlaKno b450%PurpleChargex64SlaKno b450%

Spiral Cut Slide + BlueBasex64Impact b200%

Mountain's Chisel In Air + PurpleBasex64Impact b200%PurpleBasex64Impact b200%PurpleBasex64ImpSla b300%

Weightless Steel Wall Dash + BlackBasex64Knockdown b300%

Resounding Fear Knocked Down Enemy + BlackBasex641000%
BlueBasex64 360° Attack  RedBasex64 Slam Attack  PurpleBasex64 Proc

 Melee Attacks

BlackBasex64   Melee  
BlackBlockx64   Block  
BlackUpx64   Forward  
BlackChargex64 Heavy Attack  
BlackPausex64   Pause  

 Multipliers and Hits

BlackBasex64200%   Attack does double damage  
BlackBasex642x   Attack hits twice  

 Exclusive Procs

Knockdown b   Knockdown  
Ragdoll b   Ragdoll  
Lifted b   Lifted  
Finisher b   Ground Finisher  



  • Two of Burning Wasp's combos, Buzzing Sting and Sparking Torture, bear names that speak to the nature of the two whips that match Burning Wasp's polarity: Lecta Lecta's electric shock, and the grinder-like GrineerWhip Atterax's use as a torturous execution device, respectively.


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