This is no place for Dreamers to play in, all so full of dust, rocks, and automated turrets; how will they kill each other if the turrets do first?

Bunkers is a map for Team Annihilation and Annihilation type Conclave missions. Located on the ever-moving Kuva Fortress, this mid-sized battlefield gives players lack of visibility, as it is covered in the dust of asteroids. What houses here, other than opposing Tenno, is the Vruush Turrets (displayed as Senta Turrets) that can be activated by any player, anytime.


Bunker Map


  • Clem would be proud.
  • One of the turret consoles - Awaiting Activation
  • One of the turret consoles - Activated
  • Turret Console
  • Turret Console
  • Turret Console
  • One of the turrets - Disabled
  • One of the turrets - Enabled
  • Turret Spawn
  • Turret Spawn
  • Turret Spawn - Afar
  • Turret Spawn
  • Turret Spawn - Multiple