Miscellaneous Debuffs[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description
Dispel Player

The player's active abilities will be deactivated.

Disarmed Enemy

The target has firearms disarmed, forcing them to use melee.

Disarmed Player

The player has their current gun disarmed, forcing them to switch to their primary/secondary or melee.

Eximus Aura Enemy

(Mind controlled enemies and syndicate specters will grant debuff to enemies of the Tenno)

  • Arctic Eximus units project a Cold b.png Cold aura that emits a Cold b.png Cold status effect to nearby enemies, slowing their movement and attack speed.
  • Shock Eximus units project an Electricity b.png Electricity aura that emits a Electricity b.png Electricity status effect to enemies within a 5 meter radius, with enemies within a 2 meter radius taking damage at a steady rate.
  • Venomous Eximus units project a Toxin b.png Toxin aura that emits a Toxin b.png Toxin status effect to enemies within a 10 meter radius, inflicting a 8 second Toxin b.png Toxin status effect that deals damage over time
  • Energy Leech/Parastic Eximus units can drain players' energy within 15 meters at a rate of 5s−1 (does not stack)
Reset Sentient Resistances Sentient Enemy

Resets Sentient damage resistances.

Status Effects Enemy

Status Effects are additional effects that are inflicted by Warframe abilities and weapons. Each Damage type has an associated status effect that could proc when damaging an enemy.

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