Offensive BuffsEdit

Buffs that boost offensive capabilities by increasing damage, damage per second, Ability Strength, or a weapon's stats.

Name Target Description
Ability Strength Bonus User/Ally

User and/or ally get a bonus in Ability Strength.


Attack Speed Bonus User/Ally

Attack Speed increase caused by:

Critical Chance Bonus Player

Weapon critical chance is increased by the following sources:

All weapons
Non-shotgun primaries only
Primary shotguns only
Melee only
Critical Damage Multiplier Bonus Player

Weapon critical damage multiplier is increased by the following sources:

Total Damage Bonus User/Ally

Additive damage increase is added before other calculations. Bonus acts like and stacks additively with damage mods such as Serration.

Multiplicative damage increase is multiplied after certain calculations (like damage mods such as Serration).

Flat damage increase adds a set amount of damage to your weapon under certain conditions.

Damage Reflection Player

Damage taken will be reflected or redirected towards enemies.

Elemental Damage Bonus Self/Ally

Increases the damage of weapons and certain abilities. This bonus is multiplicative after damage mods such as Mod TT 20pxSerration, but before elemental mods such as Mod TT 20pxHellfire (i.e. stacks additively with elemental mods). The element bonus can combine with elements already present on the weapon (e.g. using Mod TT 20pxFireball Frenzy on a Cold b Cold weapon makes it deal Blast b Blast) or increase the elemental component of a secondary element if that is not innate (e.g. using Mod TT 20pxShock Trooper on a weapon modded with Radiation b Radiation increases the Electricity b Electricity component on the weapon, if Radiation b Radiation is innate, Electricity b Electricity is added following the above rules).

Some elemental damage bonuses can be applyed to Companions, Specters, MindControl130xDark Mind Controlled enemies, Shadows, Saryn's Molt, Loki's Decoy, Invasion Allies and clones created from BladeStorm130xDark Blade Storm. Bonuses cannot be applied to allies suffering from a Radiation b Radiation proc.

Elemental damage bonuses are granted by:

Caster and allies
Caster only
Faction Damage Bonus Player

Players gain multiplicative damage bonus against a particular faction when equipped with the mods below in order of primary rifle, primary shotgun, secondary, and melee. This damage bonus stacks on top of base damage and any elemental mods added on a weapon.

Fire Rate Bonus Player

Sources of weapon fire rate increase are:

Status Chance Bonus Player

Weapons gain increased status chance under these effects:

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