Mobility BuffsEdit

Buffs that increase movement speed, parkour velocity, and general maneuverability.

Name Target Description
Maneuver Bonus User/Ally

Maneuver Bonuses caused by:

Aim Glide and Wall Latch
Bullet Jump, Aim Glide, and Wall Latch
  • LokiIcon272 Loki's passive
    • Wall Latch lasts 10 times longer (60 second duration)
  • MirageIcon272 Mirage's passive
    • +25% faster Bullet Jump speed
    • +50% faster Maneuver speed
  • TitaniaIcon272 Titania's Dust Bloom passive
    • +25% Bullet Jump and rolling distance
    • Bullet jumping also creates a trampoline that lasts 5 seconds and grants the Upsurge buff, giving the same +25% distance to Bullet Jump and rolling maneuvers performed in the area.
  • Mod TT 20pxAerodynamic (increased Aim Glide duration)
  • Mod TT 20pxEndurance Drift (increased parkour velocity)
  • Mod TT 20pxMotus Signal (increased Double Jump strength)
  • Mod TT 20pxProton Pulse (increased Bullet Jump speed)
  • Mod TT 20pxTractor Beam (increased Aim Glide duration)
  • ArcaneAegis64x Arcane Agility (increased parkour velocity)
  • ArcaneConsequence64x Arcane Consequence (increased parkour velocity)
Movement Speed Bonus All

Movement Speed increase caused by:

User only
User & Ally


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