Buffs and Debuffs are effects that can positively or negatively affect a target during a mission. Some buffs and debuffs may present an icon right next to the player's health and shields. In-game, blue icons denote buffs and red icons denote debuffs.

General BuffsEdit

Name Type Target Description
Ability Strength Bonus Buff User/Ally

User and/or ally get a bonus in Ability Strength.


Armor Bonus Buff User/Ally

User and/or ally get a bonus in Armor.
Additive before multiplication:

Multiplicative of the base multiplies the above:

Additive after multiplication:

Multiplicative of the result multiplies the above:

Damage Bonus Buff User/Ally

Additive damage increase is added before other calculations. Bonus acts like and stacks additively with damage mods such as Serration.

Multiplicative damage increase is multiplied after certain calculations (like damage mods such as Serration).

Elemental Damage Bonus Buff Ally

Increases the damage of weapons and certain abilities. This bonus is multiplicative after damage mods such as Serration, but before Elemental mods such as Hellfire. The element bonus can combine with elements already present on the weapon (e.g. using Fireball Frenzy on a Cold b Cold weapon makes it deal Blast b Blast) or increase the elemental component of a secondary element if that is not innate (e.g. using Shock Trooper on a weapon modded with Radiation b Radiation increases the Electricity b Electricity component on the weapon, if Radiation b Radiation is innate, Electricity b Electricity is added following the above rules).

Elemental damage bonuses can be cast on Companions, Specters, MindControl130xDark Mind Controlled enemies, Shadows, Saryn's Molt, Loki's Decoy, Invasion Allies and Clones created from BladeStorm130xDark Blade Storm. Bonuses cannot be applied to allies suffering from a Radiation b Radiation proc.

Elemental damage bonuses are granted by:

Corruption Buff All

Obtainable during Void Fissures, the effect varies for enemies and Tennos.
Enemies: The target will be stunned temporarily, granting invulnerability during that time frame. Tenno: After collecting 10 Reactants, a buff will be randomly given to either the Warframe or a weapon. The buffed equipment will have a corrupted texture effect and emit lighting bolts for the duration of the buff. The buff duration is based on the tier of the Void Fissure, following the formula: Buff Duration = 30s × Mission Tier.

Arcane Enhancements Buff User

See Arcane Enhancement for more details.

Movement Speed Bonus Buff All

Movement Speed increase caused by:
User only:

User & Ally:


Attack Speed Bonus Buff User/Ally

Attack Speed increase caused by:

Eximus Aura Buff Enemy

(Mind controlled enemies and syndicate specters will grant bonus to allies)

  • Arson/Caustic Eximus units project a fire resistance aura to their nearby allies, which nullifies all Heat b Heat damage; this aura also extends to combined elemental damage and will nullify the Heat b Heat damage of combined types utilizing it.
  • Arctic Eximus units project a cold resistance aura to their nearby allies, which nullifies all Cold b Cold damage; this aura also extends to combined elemental damage types and will nullify the Cold b Cold damage of said combined type.
  • Shock Eximus units project an electric resistance aura on their nearby allies which nullifies all Electricity b Electricity damage. This aura also extends to combined elemental damage and will nullify the Electricity b Electricity damage of said combined type.
  • Venomous Eximus units project a toxin resistance aura to their nearby allies, which nullifies all Toxin b Toxin damage, this aura also extends to combined elemental damage and will nullify the Toxin b Toxin damage of said combined type.
Ancient Disruptor Aura Buff Enemy

(Mind controlled enemies will grant bonus to allies; note that some of the bonuses may not apply to players)

  • Reduces damaged recieved from Warframe abilities by 90%
  • Energy from Warframes are drained proportionally to the damage dealt by enemies under the aura
  • Reduces crowd control effects of certain Warframe abilities (effect varies from ability to ability)
    • Multiple Ancient Disruptor auras can stack, causing a greater reduction effect
Ancient Healer Aura Buff Enemy

(Mind controlled enemies will grant bonus to allies)

  • Grants 90% damage reduction
  • Status and knockdown immunity to all under the aura
  • Damage done to protected allies will heal the Ancient Healer for up to 150% of its health
InfCrpShockSwarm Mutalist Quanta's Orbs External Buff User/Ally

Shots fired through the InfCrpShockSwarm Mutalist Quanta's infested orbs gain additional Electricity b Electricity damage, critical chance and damage.

  • Damage bonus stacks with the amount of stacks the orbs have when the shots go through them.
Volt's ElectricShield130xDark Electric Shield External Buff User/Ally

Shots fired through VoltIcon272 Volt's ElectricShield130xDark Electric Shield gain an additive 50% Electricity b Electricity damage and have their critical damage multiplied by 200%.

  • Electricity b Electricity damage bonus stacks with the amount of shields while the critical chance boost does not.
Ember's FireBlast130xDark Fire Blast External Buff User/Ally

Shooting through the EmberIcon272 Ember's FireBlast130xDark Fire Blast flame ring grants +50% Heat b Heat damage.

  • This damage bonus does not scale with Ability Strength.
  • The additional Heat damage is additive to elemental Mods and similar buffs.
  • Shooting through multiple rings adds 50% Heat b Heat damage for each ring.
Maneuver Bonus Buff User/Ally

Maneuver Bonuses caused by:
User only:

  • LokiIcon272 Loki's passive
    • Wall Latch lasts 10 times longer (60 second duration)
  • MirageIcon272 Mirage's passive
    • +25% faster Bullet Jump speed
    • +50% faster Maneuver speed
  • TitaniaIcon272 Titania's passive
    • +25% Bullet Jump distance
  • While holding AHBoltace Telos Boltace
    • 20% boost to Bullet Jump speed
    • Increased Aim Glide duration and Wall Latch duration

User & Ally:

  • TitaniaIcon272 Titania's passive
    • Bullet jumping also creates a trampoline that lasts 5 seconds and grants the Upsurge buff, giving the same +25% distance to Bullet Jump maneuvers performed in the area.


Name Type Target Description
Armor Reduction Debuff Enemy

A portion (or the entirety) of a target armor is removed.

Converted Debuff Enemy

The target will change side, being friendly to the Tenno and start attacking his own faction.

Transference Static Debuff User

Occurs when the Operator suffers fatal damage. Depletes all of the Warframe's shields while taking 10% of their current health as damage. This debuff lasts for 45 seconds and additional Static will not refresh the timer, only stacking on top of it, up to 4 times.

Suspended Debuff Enemy

The target stays in a ragdoll state and it is unable to move.

Paralyzed Debuff Enemy

The target is stuck in a particular position.

Frozen, Petrified, Vitrified Debuff Enemy

The target is unable to move, every previously active Status Effect is paused and it is impossible to apply new ones while this effect persists.

Eximus Aura Debuff Enemy

(Mind controlled enemies and syndicate specters will grant debuff to enemies of the Tenno)

  • Arctic Eximus units project a Cold b Cold aura that emits a Cold b Cold status effect to nearby enemies, slowing their movement and attack speed.
  • Shock Eximus units project an Electricity b Electric aura that emits a Electricity b Electricity status effect to enemies within a 5 meter radius, with enemies within a 2 meter radius taking damage at a steady rate.
  • Venomous Eximus units project a Toxin b Toxin aura that emits a Toxin b Toxin status effect to enemies within a 10 meter radius, inflicting a 8 second Toxin b Toxin status effect that deals damage over time
  • Energy Leech/Parastic Eximus units can drain players' energy within 15 meters at a rate of 5s−1 (does not stack)

Buff & Debuff IconsEdit

Comprehensive list of all of the buff & debuff icons in the game. Please feel free to update this chart as needed. Note that some sources/conditions share the same buff/debuff icon.

Name Icon Type Target Source(s)/Conditions
Ability Strength AbilityStrengthBuffBlack Buff User

Growing Power

Ability Duration AbilityDurationBuffBlack Buff User


Ability Range AbilityRangeBuffBlack Buff User


Accuracy AccuracyBuffBlack Buff User Guided OrdnanceNarrow BarrelTargeting Subsystem
Affinity Range  ??? Buff Squad

Fosfor gear item

Arcane Arcane Placeholder 160 Buff User

Any Arcane Enhancement equipped while meeting Arcane proc conditions

Berserker Buff User


Bleed Slash b Status Debuff Target

Slash b Slash proc

Bleeding Key Debuff User

Equipping a Bleeding Dragon Key in the Gear slot

Bullet Jump BulletJumpBuffBlack Buff User


Confusion Radiation b Status Debuff Target

Radiation b Radiation proc

Corrosion Corrosive b Status Debuff Target

Corrosive b Corrosive proc

Corruption VoidTearIcon b Buff User

Obtaining 10 Reactant in a Void Fissure

Critical Hit Chance CritChanceBuffBlack Buff User

Argon ScopeCat's EyeHydraulic CrosshairsVirtuos Shadow

Critical Damage Multiplier CriticalDamageBuffBlack Buff User

Bladed RoundsSharpened BulletsShrapnel Shot

Decaying Key Debuff User

Equipping a Decaying Dragon Key in the Gear slot

Disrupt Magnetic b Status Debuff Target

Magnetic b Magnetic proc

ElementalWard130xDark Elemental Ward ElementalWard130xDark Ability Buff User/Ally

ChromaIcon272 Chroma's ElementalWard130xDark Elemental Ward ability

Energizing Dash FocusEnergizingDash Buff User/Ally

Entering ring of energy created from player with Energizing Dash active

Energy Conversion Buff User

Energy Conversion

Extinguished Key Debuff User

Equipping an Extinguished Dragon Key in the Gear slot

Fireball Frenzy Fireball130xDark Ability Buff Ally

EmberIcon272 Ember's Fireball Frenzy augment

Flash Accelerant Accelerant130xDark Ability Buff Ally

EmberIcon272 Ember's Flash Accelerant augment

Forte DamageBuffBlack Ability Buff User/Ally

OctaviaIcon272 Octavia's Metronome130xDark Metronome ability

Freeze Cold b Status Debuff Target

Cold b Cold proc

Furious Javelin RadialJavelin b Ability Buff User

ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur's Furious Javelin augment

Fury Ability Buff User

ChromaIcon272 Chroma's VexArmor130xDark Vex Armor ability

Health Conversion Buff User

Health Conversion

Hobbled Key Debuff User

Equipping a Hobbled Dragon Key in the Gear slot

Ignite Heat b Status Debuff Target

Heat b Heat proc

Inspiration EnergyRegenBuffBlack Passive Buff User/Ally

OctaviaIcon272 Octavia's passive

Invigorated Buff User Critical hits dealt by InfestedKogake Hirudo
Iron Renewal ArmorBuffBlack Buff User/Ally

Warframes affected by OberonIcon272 Oberon's Renewal130xDark Renewal while standing on HallowedGround130xDark Hallowed Ground

Ironclad Charge RhinoCharge130xDark Ability Buff User

RhinoIcon272 Rhino's Ironclad Charge augment

Knockdown Blast b Status Debuff Target

Blast b Blast proc

Poisoned Toxin b Status Debuff Target

Toxin b Toxin proc

Ravenous130xDark Ravenous HealthRegenBuffBlack Buff User/Ally

NidusIcon272 Nidus's Ravenous130xDark Ravenous ability

Roar130xDark Roar Roar130xDark Ability Buff User/Ally

RhinoIcon272 Rhino's Roar130xDark Roar ability

Scorn VexArmor130xDark Ability Buff User

ChromaIcon272 Chroma's VexArmor130xDark Vex Armor ability

Shock Trooper Shock b Ability Buff Ally

VoltIcon272 Volt's Shock Trooper augment

Smoke Shadow SmokeScreen130xDark Ability Buff Ally

AshIcon272 Ash's Smoke Shadow augment

Speed130xDark Speed Speed b Ability Buff User/Ally

VoltIcon272 Volt's Speed130xDark Speed ability

Status Chance StatusChanceBuffBlack Buff User

Catalyzer LinkEmbedded CatalyzerNano-Applicator

Knockback Impact b Status Debuff Target

Impact b Impact proc

Tenno Affinity External Buff Any Warframe

Nearby squadmates

Tesla Chain Electricity b Status Debuff Target

Electricity b Electricity proc

Unairu Wisp FocusUnairuWisp Buff User/Ally

Unairu Wisp active way

Upsurge External Buff User/Ally TitaniaIcon272 Titania's passive
Virtuos Fury DamageBuffBlack Buff User

VirtuosFury64x Virtuos Fury

Virus Viral b Status Debuff Target

Viral b Viral proc

Weakened Puncture b Status Debuff Target

Puncture b Puncture proc



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