Similar to the function of the Sensor Bar, Broken lights were occasionally found replacing normal light fixtures, with sparks constantly flying out of them. When players got too close, it would unleash a large bolt of electricity at them with a 100% chance to proc, after which the light will destroy itself. They were added in Update 12.4 and removed in Update 12.5 due to unpopularity. They have since been replaced by Arc Traps


  • Can be shot down easily with little effort although most of the time they will blend in with the tile set.
  • Can appear in spawn areas, instantly killing weaker Warframes before the intro cutscene ends.
  • Will respawn when host migration occurs, resetting all broken light traps.
  • A few broken lights will also spawn on Corpus tiles during Invasion missions.
  • Volt's Overload can usually clear entire rooms of broken lights unless the range is reduced or lights are spread too far apart. Unknown if these broken variants add increased damage over their "normal" variants.
  • Broken lights are not always lit, but rarely wall or pillar conduits. It is likely that Warframes act as conductors, because the broken lights do not release the electrical charge on Grineer or Corpus units.


  • Another Type Of Broken Light


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