A gas found solely on the plains on Eidolon. Refined to its purest form.

—In-Game Description

Breath Of The Eidolon is a crafting component introduced in the Plains of Eidolon update. Currently it can only be obtained through the Bounty system.

It is used in crafting of the Eidolon Focus Lens, Amp, Zaws and the new Arcane Enhancements introduced in Plains Of Eidolon.

Blueprints Requiring Breath of the EidolonEdit

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Blueprints Type Quantity
Ceno Apparel Cosmetic 10
Ceno Cuirass Cosmetic 15
Ceno Greaves Cosmetic 30
Ceno Helmet Cosmetic 35
Ceno Pauldrons Cosmetic 30
Cyath Strike Zaw 1
Eidolon Lens Enhancement 5
Ekwana Ruhang II Link Zaw 5
Ekwana Jai II Link Zaw 5
ExodiaBrave64x Exodia Brave Arcane 10 (+90)*
ExodiaForce64x Exodia Force Arcane 10 (+90)*
ExodiaHunt64x Exodia Hunt Arcane 10 (+90)*
ExodiaMight64x Exodia Might Arcane 10 (+90)*
ExodiaTriumph64x Exodia Triumph Arcane 10 (+90)*
ExodiaValor64x Exodia Valor Arcane 10 (+90)*
Granmu Prism Amp 5
Klebrik Scaffold Amp 5
Kroostra Grip Zaw 1
Lohrin Brace Amp 5
Vahd Apparel Cosmetic 10
Vahd Cuirass Cosmetic 15
Vahd Greaves Cosmetic 30
Vahd Mask Cosmetic 35
Vahd Pauldrons Cosmetic 30
Vargeet Jai II Link Zaw 5
Vargeet Ruhang II Link Zaw 5
Total 342 (+540)
*If max rank Arcane is to be achieved for each Arcane taken into consideration.

Last updated: Hotfix 24.1.4

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