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[[es:Tormenta cerebral]]
[[es:Tormenta cerebral]]
[[fr:Tempête Cérébrale]]
[[Category:PvP Mods]]
[[Category:PvP Mods]]

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Brain Storm is Conclave-exclusive GrineerAssaultRifle Grakata mod that increases Ammo Efficiency for 0.5 second on headshot.


The value in the in-game description is rounded to the nearest integer and is inaccurate as a result.

Rank Ammo Efficiency Duration Cost
0 +25% 0.125s 10
1 +50% 0.25s 11
2 +75% 0.375s 12
3 +100% 0.5s 13



  • On the mod card in-game, at max rank, the duration is rounded up to 1 second. This is purely visually, however.

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