Brain Storm is PvE and Conclave GrineerAssaultRifle Grakata mod that briefly increases Ammo Efficiency on a headshot.


The duration value in the in-game description is rounded to the nearest integer and is inaccurate as a result.

Rank Ammo Efficiency Duration Cost
0 +25% 0.125s 10
1 +50% 0.25s 11
2 +75% 0.375s 12
3 +100% 0.5s 13


  • This augment may be rewarded after a Conclave match, regardless if the player wins or loses the match in question.
  • Beginning in Series 3, this augment can be purchased as a Nightwave Cred Offering for CrystalCred6420.


  • Can also be equipped on the PrismaGrakata Prisma Grakata.
  • Ammo Efficiency means the Grakata will not consume ammunition when firing; at full rank, the Grakata will not consume ammunition at all if you reliably score headshots and keep the buff going.
  • Can be used with Mod TT 20pxWild Frenzy. However, ammunition will not be refunded if Brain Storm activates during the burst.
  • Additional headshots will refresh Brain Storm's duration.


  • On the mod card in-game, at max rank, the duration is rounded up to 1 second. This is purely visual, however.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.4

Conclave Mods Converted to PVE:

The following Conclave Mods have been converted/balanced to PvE Mods! If you already own these Mods they will automatically be available in your Arsenal. You can still obtain these Mods via Conclave, but will also be added to Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker Cred Offerings.

  • Brain Storm (Grakata): On Headshot: +100% Ammo Efficiency for 1s.

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