A rare bacterial entity that increases the spread of Infestation found on Infested Ships.

—In-Game Description

Bracoid is a rare resource that can be found in any Proxima, primarily in Veil Proxima missions. It is used in upgrading the Railjack.

Blueprints Requiring BracoidEdit

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Blueprints Type Quantity (Research)
Lavan Mk III Shield Arrays, Engines and Reactors Ship Component 16
Lavan Mk III Apoc, Carcinnox, Cryophon, Photor and Pulsar Ship Weapon


Squad Health Restore (Large) X100 Gear Item 0(6)
Total 32 (+6)

Last updated: Hotfix 27.0.8


Gathering TipsEdit


  • This seems to break the connection with Dark Sector, in that this being a bacterial entity and therefore would be unrelated to the Technocyte Virus

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.0

  • Introduced.
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