Flying unit that can swoop down into melee.

Brachiolysts are Sentient enemies encountered only on Murex Ships in Veil Proxima. It is also encountered in the Ground Assault mission during Operation: Scarlet Spear. Unlike most Sentient enemies, they do not adapt to damage, nor do they feature a visible Core on their body.


  • Brachiolysts have two way of attacking: at first they take their distance and attack from the air with energy projectiles, then they switch to ground mode using melee attacks.


  • Brachiolysts are, by far, the weakest Sentient unit, not featuring the damage adaptation most of other units have, and their attacks are farily easy to avoid and deal moderate damage.
    • They shouldn't, however, be underestimated, due to their habit of attacking in groups while being backed by stronger fighters like Symbilysts.


  • The weakness of Brachiolysts compared to other Sentients may suggest that they are a more recent evolution, and have not yet gained the ability to adapt to damage as yet. They may also be a weaker unit not powerful enough to adapt.
  • In certain rooms inside the Murex ships, Brachiolysts can be seemingly seen to be born. They are invulnerable at first, and start attacking right after.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.0
  • (Undocumented) Introduced.
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