Boon quotes.

In FortunaEdit

  • (Roky): "Glinty mucker wants in. I tells him: our family's logical, see? Your lot's biological. Mumsie. Dadsie. Luck a the draw. All coddled and swaddled. Mucker wouldn't last ten seconds in a vent." (Boon): "Bah-bah." (Roky): "Bah-bah beh-beh."
  • "He's gettin' by hard, same as us. Ain't no self-pity in there, neither. Just grit. Scope it clean and you'll klokkit."
  • (Boon): "Problem is, see, people are too rich. Not enough to go 'round. That's why we're down this hole." (Roky): "Know how you stop someone gettin' too rich?" (Boon): "Drop 'em down a hole."

In Orb VallisEdit

Starting a K-Drive raceEdit

  • "Arright, klokkit! I say go, ya floor it. Time kicks off once you hit the first marker. Ready?"
  • "Rules are simple: timer starts once you hit the first marker. Now, let's see whatya packin'."
  • "Works like this: hit the marker, the timer starts. Vapor trail, chek? Ya bomb and ya done. Ready?"

During a K-Drive raceEdit

  • "First marker gone bah-bah!"
  • "Boom!"
  • "Nice form. Let's see you keep it."

Finishing a K-Drive raceEdit

  • "Nothin' fancy, but got it done. Ya plank okay for a glinty mucker."
  • "Ya, don't get smug. You did fine but chek no flair. You scored that one, but I'm still king."
  • "You's a lucky mucker an' no mistake. Skin a ya teeth, Glinty!"

Profit Taker Bounty Phase 3Edit

  • "Back a the place. Blocked, but your ol' mucker Boon here's rigged it askew, just for you!"
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