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We’re excited to collaborate more and hope you are too.
We’re excited to collaborate more and hope you are too.
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Hi Warframe community,

I’m Bert from Fandom and I wanted to start some conversations with all of you, which we expect to continue well into 2019. The topic is Featured Video.

To kick off, I want to say that Fandom is committed to forging a better partnership with the community as we move forward. We know there is some trust lost with the community around the videos, and we believe we can begin rebuilding that.

The current videosEdit

Regarding the current group of 66 videos, we will remove those from the site on January 2. We have some advertiser commitments through the end of the 2018 and so we need to keep those up until then. With that said, I would like to talk more about our broader plans for video and how the Warframe community can be a part of that.

Feedback about the videos has been focused on two areas: the content of the videos and how they are presented on the site. I’ll address both in separate sections.


Put simply, we agree that the content of the current videos is not meeting the needs of the community and the wiki readers. While the Digital Extremes-created videos focused on specific Warframes are of great quality, they are not evergreen enough to stay as components of the wiki articles. We do believe that video has a place in the community if the content is helpful and engaging.

We’d like to bring great videos to this community by working with you on sourcing those videos. In 2019 we will be trying out a new partner program, and we would like to identify high-quality videos that are from content creators in the Warframe player community. We’d like to get your input on which creators you enjoy the most, whether or not they are ones with videos included on the wiki right now. We can use these examples as guidelines for future content. What do you think about this idea? Which creators make videos you think are top quality and most interesting?

Also, we will be producing some videos in the coming months that will have those evergreen qualities. Here is the first one:

This is something that could live on the Ivara article and provide long-term value to players. We’d love your feedback on this video.

Ideally we would like to work directly with the Warframe Wiki community on any original videos -- vetting ideas, reviewing concepts and scripts. We recognize that we’ll need to adjust this plan based on the availability of community members for collaboration, and we’re prepared to do that as we explore the best ways to work with you. We would love to hear from anyone who is interested in helping out with this!

To wrap up this section, I want to be very clear that we envision a future with fewer videos that are more interesting, high-quality and evergreen. Our goal is to evolve and grow with Warframe and other communities and adjust our strategies as necessary.


In 2019 we are focused on re-envisioning Featured Video on wiki pages based on the critical feedback you’ve shared with us. This includes us developing and testing various aspects of the video presentation, including autoplay, placement on the page and other aspects of the video player. While we’ve begun our planning for tackling Featured Video we’re still a bit away from executing our product tests, but aiming for later in 2019. We’d like to involve the Warframe community in all stages of this testing since community feedback will be a key part of determining the way forward. We’ll share more on this work as things take shape.


We’ve also heard your consistent feedback about the ad experience on Fandom. While this is not tied directly to the videos, I didn’t want to go without mentioning this. We are committed to improving the ad experience and have done significant work in this area recently. We reduced ads by 30% across the site and improved page load time, as noted in this blog post. We also improved performance on the mobile site, as detailed in this blog post.

This commitment continues as we move forward. Just this month, we’ve completed some work that will provide users an ad-free experience when using the Steam browser. And there’s more to come in 2019. You’ve made it clear that you’d like better ways to report problematic ads to us and we’ll be exploring that.

In conclusionEdit

Please keep the feedback coming! To recap, here are the questions we’ve put to all of you:

  • What are your thoughts on featuring videos from creators that you already know?
  • Which Warframe video creators are making the best videos right now?
  • How does the Fandom Ivara video look?
  • Who among you is interested in collaborating on future original videos and advising on which existing creators to contact? We’d like to identify those community members so that we can begin the process.

We’re excited to collaborate more and hope you are too.

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