Hello again!

Whilst it is no problem at all to bump this thread, many of us were actually hoping for it as we were left rather abruptly with the bulk of the almost alpha stage of /d/

I shall get straight into the new insights feature, it is indeed a brilliant step in the right direction! A couple of things we notice are broken after this, such as seeing whom had reported the post when viewing reported posts (This is even more so useful to note when we can warn a user about reporting those whom simply have a different opinion than them within their own post, it creates clutter over time which only slows down our moderation duo of myself and Doudich)

This is indeed a great step as previously noted, but we are still missing the crucial first step to make this a viable option to get the moderation ball gathering momentum; A separate moderation roll that does not have any influence within the Wikia (/wiki/) pages, and vice versa with our Wikia moderators not having power within discussions (/d/).

Edit: Just some more bugs and features we've seen:

Integers within total posts/actions cannot exceed 3 digits?

Reports do not display user ID's of those that reported them?

/d/ icon does not carry over inside the insights page?

"Not processed" reports cannot be viewed upon clicking?

Feature request: Can we display results over 90 days?e.g total?

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