Many thanks for your reply BertH! I won't quote the post for the interest of space

Firstly, ah I see, I was not sure that would've been a significant issue given the multitude of issues we currently have but I see how that could get annoying and/or waste time, many thanks for the clarity! I cannot say I have encountered this as myself and the other moderator do not use the app over having no intrinsic need to emulate a mobile device to use. (As after all, we are a desktop based community, won't go over this further as we've brought it up each and every time mobile features are getting pushed to us.)

Also on this subject I'd like to also agree with Regis that the current mobile is a major dislike from my point of view and likely to some of the other staff when using a desktop to access the site, I'll go into this further in Q.3

Secondly, I highly doubt calling home for a /d/ thread where there exists 10,000 posts as of writing to have a post corrected for rule and forum moderation is an efficient way to do this, excluding the fact when faced with a locked or valid topic awaiting correction for violation of our own community rules it would have surely (to no offence to the busy support staff) have gone out of post circulation retaining its ill mannered gestures otherwise slandering a perfectly good post whilst we are helpless to either allow the content to exist whilst or to delete it in question (which the user would also not be aware as to why said post was deleted as we have no way to contact them nor give a deletion reason in the usual dialog we have within the Wikia), there is no win-win situation without this other than to leave it be, lock it from replies reacting to the issue or to delete it and leave the offending user none the wiser as to why their post was deleted. Are you able to give us any remotely close to a date/month to expect this to be implemented? Giving a reason as to why at the end

I'm also unsure as to why highlighting threads seems to be a no on your end (Even within Reddit and Twitter which /d/ seems to be a hybrid between they both utilise highlighting as an essential part of their services), there are countless reasons why this is useful to portray current issues, updated meta subjects or even updates to the main build of Warframe itself, can we at least expect this to return when the forums become "merged"?

Thirdly, the CSS and JS, I can expect the CSS and JS to be locked up for mobile, it pretty much already is, but I was referring to the PC /d/ as I had assumed that the ill fitting UI was a temporary measure (or at least I both hope and remember this being a temporary site to access /d/ within a desktop environment as mentioned within your first visit in chat)

Fourthly, Many thanks for an honest answer on this, I'll give you a shout when I become free enough to delve into this

Fifthly, bookmarked for later, thanks!

And as a final reply, I am afraid that some users have had that view upon the initial post, it didn't help that it was advertised as a /d/ post when we initially kept this internal for your reply not to give people the wrong idea before we had come to a conclusion, but no hard feelings, just happy to get a reply :)

But anyhow to the final issue raised, without any sort of segregated moderation role that we can use for /d/ (which was raised in the initial post) it makes an already alien environment incredibly hostile to seek active and guideline following users out for a position, we have had to recruit a moderator that had experience within our Wikia Terms of use but not within /d/ to moderate /d/ simply due to that we have no separation within the roles, it is fine to ask us to simply tell them not to use their powers elsewhere, but if that is the case we have Chat moderator specifically for this between the chat and Wikia

Alongside this, if it was not already incredibly disheartening to find that despite our best efforts, not only was it the best course of action was to opt out of Wikia Discussions entirely due to its incomplete state but to find that also all of the solutions we had proposed to be entirely ignored. We were not actually given any sort of follow up as to whom to contact on a unanimous community decision to disable /d/ until the kinks have been worked out to make it an acceptable means for community interaction with suitable moderation aspects. Or as per request as a direct question as follows: As we are still faced with exactly the same issues, where/whom may we contact to opt out of the discussions beta until the aforementioned issues are resolved/there is a final polish within /d/?

Many thanks for your reply and hoping for another soon

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