Hornet Strike [serration is primary dmg ] Barrel Diffusion , that will be a 30 build. If you give it a catalyst  , Lethal Torrent , Bore , and that other puncture mod 90% . Thats the max dmg for a 60 build . If you add 1 forma , throw out the 90% mod and go for crit dgm mods like sharpened bullets and pistol gambit , then use remaining on a smaller version of the 90% mod  you ditched . All mods are maxd , in the order shown . I dont have a clue what you have , this is a best build . My Lex looks like this Hornet Strike , Barrel Diffusion ,Lethal Torrent, Bore , Prime Target Cracker , Prime Pistol Gambit , Sharpened Bullets , Hydraulic Crosshairs . It does the business , at 6 forma . There is no room for recoil or reload mods , if you are accurate , 1 headshot will drop 75% of the starmap with a 1 forma build .   

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