^true, but you'll probably lose it among the 50+ dread bps you'll no doubt get while farming it. Seriously I barely bother fighting the Stalker anymore because I know the only think I'll get is another Nikana stance mod and perhaps another Dread bp to throw on the pile. I've only gotten Despair once, and that was before I completed Second Dream, and I've still never even seen Hate, much less War or Broken War. I got a War Blade by accident when I first finished The Second Dream, and although I've farmed for both BP and Handle, I've never recieved either. So I eventually just bought the Hunhow's Gift pack and I really enjoy the breastplate and leg armor in that pack. The shoulders look kinda goofy to me though.

Also, I wish I would've known that you could replay it to get more rewards, otherwise I would've replayed that like 8 or 9 times.

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