Rhionhi wrote: the problem is he is a notorious flamer/troll/idiot. everyone hates his guts.

Well then if he really is I make you aware that there is a nice button on the Wiki HomePage called "Admins" next time click it, choose an admin and tell him of flamers/trolls/idiots, he will help you, instead of being a flamer/troll yourself. wrote: wrote:
...Am I missing something here or are people being serious jerks on this thread? I mean this guy is simply just asking a question/poll. What's the problem?

The reason is because this guy is a complete moron and a troll. He deserves every bit of hate he gets. I'm not a frequent of the WF wiki and I only learned of this idiot FlyingAssHat77 today. All I can say is... this guy can't be serious. There's no way.

And Ankyros Prime. No question here.

His behaviour in other situations doesn't matter, right here he didn't do anything wrong. So if you don't like him/what he says, just don't reply because from what i can see definitely he wasn't the flamer/troll.

Things are pretty simple.

1) you don't like someone just don't reply. (i don't really see the point in doing it)

2) you flame/troll, no please.

3) you keep doing it, this means it wasn't a mistake and you did that on purpose, well i'll do something on purpose too :)

I'm asking this for the second time, please calm down and be nice, i won't ask again.

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