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Of course we got the drydock ready so you can build your railjacks!

Introduction / About Us

Starting out as a group of old friends who have played games together for years and years, Ohka has expanded! We have amassed a Discord of helpful, friendly players who just enjoy playing Warframe. Our history goes back into other games, and in the future we plan to expand further - but for now we are focusing on creating a chilled out community that caters to all levels of play without ever taking it too seriously. Ohka welcomes all players who want to be a part of a friendly environment and will run all levels of content so long as we're all having a good time. We are currently at approximately 1,300 members across our two clans.

Why should you join?

Be part of an upcoming clan with a Dojo that was decorated for a year by a dedicated team with 100% research available. The Ohka community focuses on good vibes and a great community feel. We play the games we like and we do it in a zone we know to be a trusted, zen space. 

Also, our logos are as cool as they come!

Every member counts!

You will never be less prioritized as a new player joining us no matter how many members we already have. Always feel free to approach me if you need any help with anything, and we'd be more than happy to welcome new players who enjoy the game.

Da rulez n requirements

No real requirements, just don't go inactive for over a month, friendly and enjoy the game. Discord is preferred so we can stay in contact in case people go on breaks or whatever - the clan has an active Discord but it's not 100% necessary.

What we've been doing

Project Ohka has just opened! We're looking to expand our Mountain Clan to 1.000 members and follow in the steps of the first clan, Team Ohka. Unlike the first clan, Project Ohka has insanely cared for dojo. We were sure to wait until we felt it was perfect before opening it to the public. Come help us reach our goals while enjoying the space we created for you!

Additionally we have created an Alliance. We don't actively search for new clans to join up yet, but if you're interested feel free to discuss it with me.

So Tenno, old & new, those free in spirit with the sharpest of beaks - all are welcome, if you want in let me know here.

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