[PC Gladiators Legion Clan Family ★ 100% Research ★ All Tenno Welcome!]


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About Us: Born in 2015, we offer eight family clans which cater to different skill levels and regions. We all share a Discord and work as a family unit, rather than individual clans. All Clans are guaranteed to have 100% Weapon Research - the only things missing are locked Research and some unneeded Pigments. 

We can offer you: Clans for members of any MR and skill level, from anywhere in the world!
99% finished Clan Research for all clans, with Ignis Wraiths supplied on demand.
We're the founding clans of the Gilded Phoenix Alliance , which boasts over 35,000 people and is the largest alliance in Warframe!
We also offer a hugely active Gladiators' Legion Discord server with over 4500 fellow Gladiators. 

Our Clans:

Solar, Lunar and Radiant Gladiators are Triplet Moon Clans with 100% research. Solar, Lunar and Radiant are open to ALL tenno of any MR, skill level, playstyle, and from anywhere in the world. Both Clans have 100% research except for some Pigments, and clan members can access Ignis Wraith through our Clan Discord. Recently, Solar branch came 3rd in the Dojo Design Competition for Moon Clans - see our entry here!

Nightfall, Darkstar and Aurora Gladiators are triplet Moon Clans with 100% research except for some Pigments. Clan members have access to Ignis Wraith through our Clan Discord. These clans have a minimum MR of 7 to join, and are split up by region. Tenno from Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and surrounding areas will become Nightfall members, while Tenno from Europe or the Americas can become Aurora members. Darkstar is the international triplet clan and accepts members from any country!

Celestial and Tempest Gladiators are twin Mountain Clans with 100% research (bar some Pigments) as well. They're both International clans, meaning everyone is welcome! Tempest is MR15+, while Celestial is MR20+.

If you are interested in joining the Gladiators, please comment down below, join our Clan Discord by clicking here , or post down below for an invite. If you'd like to join a specific branch, please let us know, otherwise you will be invited to Solar, Lunar or Radiant. Thank you, Tenno! 

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