HEY TENNO! Yes, you right there.

Are you tired of playing alone? Do you need help from experienced players but fear the recruitment chat? Do you want to join a clan to get access to all weapons, warframes and sentinels?

Then look no further, OPTION OPTICOR is the clan you are looking for. Founded not too long ago our clan combines of all things a new player can dream of. Recently upgrated to storm, we have now launched an ambitious recruitment campaign to stack up our clan and prepare for upcoming events. Mastery? Weapons? Skills? That all doesn't matter to us. Join us now and you will instantly be promoted to a high rank.

Contact the "Lord of the Lens" Iris.Zero per message on the wiki or ingame if you are interested!

We have now a clan server on discord! Play with your friends, meet new people and squash your enemies more efficient with the voice chat! Clan announcements, contests and other events will be announced over discord.

Join Now

Please be advised that this server is for clan members only. Anyone not associated with Option Opticor has either to apply for a membership or state a reason to become a clan associate. If you want to be a part of the clan community and/or be a clan member please contact Iris.Zero.

May the Lotus guide you, Tenno!



Lord of the Lens, Leader of OPTION OPTICOR

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