Blueprints are plans used in the creation of weapons, sentinels, Warframes, skins, helmets, the Clan Key, Orokin Reactors, and Orokin Catalysts rather than purchasing them from the Market with platinum. Every blueprint outlines the required resources, credits, and time required to build the equipment in the foundry. When an item is crafted from a blueprint, it is consumed in the process.

Blueprints can be obtained in several ways:

  • Purchased in the market with credits by clicking on an item then clicking a Credits icon in the top right if it exists.
  • Replicating a researched technology from the Clan Dojo.
  • Received as a Daily Tribute reward.
  • Rewarded as the end mission bonus item from various missions.
  • Obtained in the completion of defeating bosses.

Blueprints used to drop directly from a defeated boss but have been changed in Update 10.3, making it a reward after completing the mission instead. This may extend farming time by half, as opposed to simply seeing your reward and deciding whether or not to stay; however, players do not have to worry about searching for blueprint orbs following the defeat of a boss any longer.

Purchase vs Earned

Building from a blueprint takes much more time than simply purchasing the item from the market. Normally you have to buy or earn the blueprint, gather the resources, gather the credits to build the item, and then wait for the build time to complete to claim the item. The market will give you an item right away for the cost of Platinum.


  • Most bosses will drop Blueprints for a given Warframe part.
  • The only bosses that currently drop weapon blueprints are Captain Vor, the dual boss on Ceres, and Lieutenant Lech Kril, and Kela De Thaym.

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Patch History

Update 10.4
  • You can no longer re-purchase reusable recipes that you already own.

Update 10.2

  • Blueprints now show build requirements.

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