• TheBlueSentinel

    After quite some struggle I managed to beat the final boss here are some tricks I learned on the way. After the tricks you will find a "walkthrough" with optimal positions to make each room easier. Also SPOILERS

    Disclaimer: This Minigame is incredibly hard compared to the rest of warframe and to beat it you will require hours. If you complete the challange you will be rewarded with a poster.

    First of: the weapons. There are 3 of them and you only want the blue powerups (lasers) they have the highest range of all weapons and on the highest level they can hit enemies above and below you. Dont pick up more than 3 Powerups because you cant improve a level 3 weapon and risk getting a yellow or red powerup.

    There are several types of enemies. The y…

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  • Jr682711

    Warframe's fortuna

    December 13, 2018 by Jr682711

    You cannot tell me Fortuna isnt amazing. For starters we gotta new open world map a "k-drive" and on top of that the new menu theme is very unique. You know what they say "we all lift together". 

    Who is your main, mines is rhino, i dont have him yet im 1 plastid short but once i get that last plastid that frame is mine. 

    Stay happy and have fun in Fortuna. 

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  • Flaicher

    I've been working on these for a while but haven't got around to making a blog post about the matter.

    Without further talk, tooltips in action among a short lorem ipsum:

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, cras nam et, aptent turpis lectus vitae auctor ipsum erat, semper eu vitae sodales nibh quis. Vitae nec non sollicitudin porttitor nisl ac, aliquam in dolor lorem luctus eget in, sit fermentum, orci tortor, lacinia mauris ultricies. Consequat elit interdum blandit pharetra, proin vel arcu tristique, vitae sit nunc pede laboris mauris curabitur. Massa sapien phasellus morbi vel metus, proin ipsum donec morbi est pede, vivamus vehicula, tristique elementum nulla fames aenean. Egestas at semper, libero lacus sit donec, quisque laoreet est rutru…

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  • Unrelentinq

    Let me just say this...

    November 20, 2018 by Unrelentinq

    Let me just say this...

      I've been playing WarFrame off and on for the past 4 years. I am by no means an expert but am certainly not a noob either. I'm somewhere in the large chasm of the ever-expanding learning curve of WarFrame. Bullet jumping from wiki post to wiki post always finding some new fragment to scan and learn from. It really is amazing how much there is to this game. I know there are a lot of people who have very mixed feelings about the game and those feelings vary week to week as well, however, I can confidently speak as someone who is tempted to spend real life money everytime he sees that 72h build time. That regardless of some of the quarks in an update, the disagreements on what playstyle is the most fun, or even if yo…
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  • AIPoet

    Recruitment Blues

    October 23, 2018 by AIPoet

    I'm not sure how many of you have faced this issue, but I know it has been troublesome to me and some of my friends in the game. The Invitation system through the Recruiting tab or friend/clan chat is not working well more often than not. I can't tell how many times lately I have tried to connect with a player either for them to assist me or for me to join them (even for trades) and it has failed from both sides.

    I can only relog and try to connect from different angles in the interface so many times before I just give up. I have been playing the game since it started (I'm approaching MR26 on my main account). I have never seen it this bad before and it keeps presenting more of a problem especially with the high stakes missions like Arb…

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  • LitenMenMaktig

    Hello All!

    I've recently got back into Warframe and find it amazing that the game has come so far from when I originally started playing back in open beta.

    What annoys me is that even after I've spent nearly 400 hours on they game I still feel like I'm only touching the surface of the end-game content.

    Only recently have I been perfecting my build and understanding how weapons truly work. Looking back at weapons I haven't used in ages I can see where I was totally going wrong with a build and no wonder I was struggling!

    With that all said I finally feel like I actually getting to grips with the game and becoming a Veteran I should be!

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  • ZeroTwo02

    How Revenant Should Work

    September 20, 2018 by ZeroTwo02

          While the newest warframe, Revenant, is not a bad frame, he suffers  from the title of "one trick pony," this being his Danse Macabre. His other abilities or, in the long run, lackluster due to a couple serious flaws in his first ability Enthrall. First being the fact that they can be killed by allies and normal weapons. This severely undermines the ability since, most of the time, allies are going to be firing o all cylinders. This reduces the effective range of the thralls, minimizing the range of their usefulness not only as scape goats, but their damage potential. Changing the ability so that only Danse Macabre can kill them would drastically increase the usefulness in making thralls. Another change should the previous not be use…

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  • DarkLordJadus

    Grineer Language

    September 8, 2018 by DarkLordJadus

    At Tennocon 2018's Sounds of the System panel, it was mentioned that lines of dialog in the Grineer language are generated via inputting an English text string into a script. Whether the output is later edited was not mentioned, but it's quite clear that, much like the Corpus language, Grineer is largely based on simple letter substitution rather than intensive more conlanging strategies.

    Based off of previous work on both the wiki and youtube , I've managed to figure out a fairly consistent rubric for basic letter substitutions that make up the bulk of the Grineer 'language'. Some rules aren't consistently applied, or may have been valid for lines recorded at one time, but not others.

    English Grineer Example/Notes
    B BR, K, R Brogrer ("bored"…

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  • Darthmufin

    Hello there! If you are like me, a person that does not have the best internet and often times may have a download speed under 300Kbps, then this blog is for you. Unfortunately, this is not in any way a "how to fix" blog as the issue is within the launcher itself, but this post will provide clarity on some of what the launcher does in the background. So this is just a blog to explain the issue, show pictures to explain what is going on, and how to resume the visual identification of the update process. Let's begin.

    (The claimed download speed of the launcher is often inaccurate, you can disregard this number) When the launcher begins to "give up" or "start to fail" as I will call it, you won't actually notice anything wrong with your conne…

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  • TunaInABottle

    Hi wiki,

    I have been working for a long time on Maximization tables for abilities, but there was always something I have struggled with: Niches and what should be considered "Maximum".
    While the word can be taken literally, my approach was always to consider only "permanent mods" as opposed to consider every small thing for the highest value possible. I think that the used value should be easily reachable, with no in-game condition nor "veteran exclusivities" to satisfy it.

    I wanted to fix this problem with Kselia, by introducing Interactive Maximization here in the wiki. Unluckily he's busy studing and I don't have enough knowledge of Javascript for proceed alone. For now I made an almost-up-to-date Excel version that I can't put in every ma…

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  • Furataeya

    Don't have uncapped? Here's how to do updates without using all that data.

    My Wife and I enjoy playing Warframe together but we have a small data cap per month. The Sacrifice update required 2.3GB so 4.6GB for both of us, which is a chunk out of my data plan.

    So I started looking for a guide for this issue and there were none. After figuring it out I thought I would write a guide for future reference.

    Heads up, not sure where the location is of normal Warframe, I use the steam version but should in essence be the same.

    After the update has downloaded on the 1st PC:

    1). Navigate to *\steam\steamapps\common\Warframe on both machines.

    2). On the pc that doesn't have the update(2nd PC) create a folder and name it "Backup", then move the folder(Drag a…

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    - Updated github link for MatLab, and now R, simulation programs
    - New, prettier plots that are .svgs when opened

    Hello and welcome to my discussion and explanation behind the mysterious Warframe run numbers! It's come to my attention that there are some questions, and general disagreements, behind these numbers so I made this blog to hopefully satisfy all your mathematical concerns.

    I was actually supposed to do this a long time ago, but quite honestly I simply got busy and kept forgetting, even when reminded :P Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but I hope you can appreciate my explanation popping up out of the blue!

    First, before we get to the nitty-gritty stuff we should define some key terms to get rid of any confusion and …

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  • Honeydrew

    {table from wiki

    Quality        Common        Uncommon    Rare
    Intact (default)    76% (25.33%)    22% (11%)    2%
    Exceptional    70% (23.33%)    26% (13%)    4%
    Flawless        60% (20%)    34% (17%)    6%
    Radiant        50% (16.67%)    40% (20%)    10%

    (tangent) chance of 1 rare with 4 players

    4 intact        7.76%
    3 intact 1 rad    15.29%
    2/2        22.21%
    3/1        28.56%
    4 rad        34.39%

    chance of multiple targeted rares with 4 rad

    0         0.9^4 = 65.61%
    1 or more        1 - (0.9^4) = 34.39%  
    2 or more        (1 - 0.9^4)(1 - 0.9^3) = 9.31969%
    3 or more        (1 - 0.9^4)(1 - 0.9^3)(1-0.9^2) = 1.7707411%
    4        (1 - 0.9^4)(1 - 0.9^3)(1-0.9^2)(1 - 0.9^1) = 0.17707411%

    chance of finding exact quantity of targeted rares with 4 rad

    0        65.61%

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  • Darthmufin

    Ever since the first wave of weapon changes came out, with rifles, secondary shotguns, bows, and even snipers came out, i've done a few videos showcasing the before and after of things, rather than just talking about how the weapons are like most YouTubers had been doing. I've done it again with Continuous weapons, and i will be leaving that video here along with my older rifle, secondary, and shotgun/launcher/bows one in case you want to actually see the changes.

    A word of warning i guess before watching, the weapon builds shown in these videos (before or after their buffs or changes) do not necessarily represent the best possible builds. Rather, the builds shown are either rushed together in some cases to prepare for the changes (with bea…

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  • Felicss

    Exalted Blade's arguably one of the best abilities you can use to quickly deal with anyone who is trying to ruin your day. So, to improve on your massacring experience, here are some builds and tips earned from maybe overly abusing Exalted Blade:

    So, as of , the equipped melee weapon no longer affects Exalted Blade at all, not even the Mire, meaning you're free to choose whichever melee weapon you want.

    Let's not get sidetracked though. For your Excalibur, this is the build I suggest:

    Build 1: This was my build when I wrote down this blog.


    • 1

    Exilus (Optional)

    • 2



    • 3

    Exalted Blade "Duration"

    • /
    • ()
    • </p>

    1 is also another option.
    2For that extra 'oomph' in every swing. Feel free to replace with if you want.
    3 would do almost as fine, tho…

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  • Fegazeus

    I know a lot of people must think Zaws are too complicated. I know I did.

    Short answer : in fine they're not. (Say hello to my two little friends : Dunning and Kruger)

    Well, let's meet them halfway and say they made it so that words and numbers are not enough to explain how Zaws work.

    So rejoice, here are some cheat sheets that you can bookmark, print or copy at your leisure :

    Because spreadsheets with colors and symbols are so much better than monolithicc textual explanations. Yay!

    And here's an extended table for the complete list of links (note that Ekwana and Vargeet links do not exist solo) :

    Now that you have these, just follow the steps to create your favorite Zaws.

    e.g. if you want the heaviest impact two handed possible :

    Kronsh - Kroostr…

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  • Flaicher

    I'll keep this short as I'm not good with blog thingies.

    will be used to display tooltips for arcanes and it's meant to be used as a replacement for regular links to arcanes. You can preview the template in use here: User:Flaicher/SandboxArcane

    I'm looking for any suggestions and feedback you might have regarding the template and tooltip.

    Once the template "goes live" I'll edit all the pages in main, template and category namespace through my bot account to replace all arcane links that haven't been renamed to use the template. The renamed links will be have to edited manually as it's probable that automatically editing those could lead to breaking something.

    I'll just transclude the documentation of the template here in collapsible.

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  • Techhead7890

    So, I guess I've started collating some opinions on the game on my userpage for now. I think there needs to be more info out there for mid level players who are still going through the starchart and such, and exploring different modes. I personally run a lot of Dark Sector, Nightmare, and on occasion Archwing, dabbling in different things, so I think some introductions to these modes could be expanded or done better. Also, a lot more mechanics could be done tidier in a more personal, opinionated, preferentially-editorialised style, less prone to frequent changes. So even though the mainspace of wiki is a great resource I'll continue to contribute to and fix up, I will definitely bear in mind its limitations and be sure to put stuff that doe…

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  • Darthmufin

    Hello! Just wanted to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas, even though i don't really celebrate it myself. I made a fun little video on my channel that is part of my "TennoCop" parody series on my youtube, that is Christmas-themed! Just thought i would share this with you guys so you can possibly have a laugh.

    This one took the longest to make due to having to draw new scenes (about 7 hours!) but these are always a blast to make when they are finished. And yes, part of the humor/joke of the series is the backgrounds are really crappy, although i spent more time on these two new scenes.

    You won't understand some references if you don't watch the previous episodes, but it still should be funny even if you don't ^^ To the Admins and Moderators…

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  • TunaInABottle

    Hi wiki,

    After I've completed the centralized Maximization (something that probably most of you haven't noticed), I've realized that most of it isn't flexible for everyone. If you don't know, the actual Maximized Ability Strength doesn't use the highest multiplier possible, for example, it doesn't consider any or the corruption buff. For this reason, I wanted to create interactive, that can allows everyone to choose their favourite values for min-maxing.

    While the Wiki version is still WIP, I've just completed the "prototype" in Google Spreadsheets, you can find the link below:

    The interactive maximization

    While it shares similarities with Stoi84's Warframe Builder, this is just intended to be a prototype, and surely has more options related …

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  • TunaInABottle

    New Melee Combo icons

    November 8, 2017 by TunaInABottle

    I don't like long things so I'm going to cut it short:

    |move2 = Thunder Hydra |move2combo = Pause |move3 = Lightning Siren |move3combo = + |move4 = Leviathan Rain |move4combo = Pause |chargeattack = Rolling Wave |slideattack = Flowing River |slamattack = Sky Doom |wallattack = Weightless Steel |finisher = Crashing Wave }} Taken from .

    This thing is unreadable. Because of this, I've designed a new series of icons that hopefully will greatly improve the readibility of the bonuses of combos. Below you can find the exact same Stance with the new icons.

    |move1em = 2 |move2 = Thunder Hydra |move2combo = |move2em = 2 |move3 = Lightning Siren |move3combo = + |move3em = 2 |move4 = Leviathan Rain |move4combo = |move4em = 2 …

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  • Flaicher

    New template for Mod links

    November 5, 2017 by Flaicher

    In short, I've created a couple of templates to allow tooltips to be displayed when hovering mouse over a mod link.
    The tooltip includes only the mod card.

    For this to work, from now on when you'd like to link a mod:

    • Syntax

    For example: for example)

    Update, November 17th
    When new mods are released, their data need to be entered into Module:Mods/data before the template will even give a link for the mod. It is advised that one doesn't edit modules unless absolutely certain about how that particular module works.
    A good example of this would be Primed Fever Strike, which was released as a mod sold by Baro Ki'Teer's earlier today, or the Hunter set released in Operation: Plague Star as a drop from Hemocyte. Their data isn't in the module instantly …

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  • DealerC

    After some recent fishing and luckily before certain "baitfishes" were bugged for a time, should be fixed by now(as of Oct. 30, 2017), I was able to make my choice Amp, the Makankōsappō(and darn proud of it), I stumbled across a bit of a fast way to level up my Amp while I was farming resources with a squishy operator(no arcanes on him, 250HP, Zenurik tree).

    I was, and still am constantly, in need of polymer bundles, and I just got my assembled amp crafted right after maxing my Mote Amp. As usual, before hitting the alarms, I cast my Nekros's Despoil. Some time later, I hopped out into Operator Mode to see how beefy my Amp is on anything besides an Eidolon Teralyst, and OH MY *CLEM* GOODNESS I was jaw dropped, then I was noticing after a fe…

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  • EXN0V4

    Eidolon Equipment Guide 2.0

    October 17, 2017 by EXN0V4

    I want to preface this entire guide by saying that this is all very much tentative; the contents of this blog represent my experiences with the content, and your mileage may vary. There's a massive amount of additional content that's being examined and patched (RIP shield disruption, 2017-2017, you will be missed), and this guide could well be obsolete within weeks if not days. That said, I think the initial buzz of activity is starting to wear off as the PoE and Eidolon metas stabilize, so I'm comfortable enough writing this guide.

    This guide is also equipment specific, which means it's not going to tell you how to fight Eidolons themselves; there are plenty of guides for that, so if you're here I'm going to assume you're at least moderatel…

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  • DealerC


    Been a hefty while since I made a blog, due to new work, so if mistakes and edits inbound in the process.

    When Hydroid's rework came through, I was really surprised of myself that I was "maining" a Hydroid Prime more often. More smooth and dynamic approaches in my playstle was offered, one being his Undertow puddle/water trap. It was a funny haha and funy intriguing move that gave me ideas (hey easy on the lennyfaces now) of material farming with a hydroid.

    "There is Pilfering Swarm, y'know."

    Yes, I am aware of this augment but I don't feel like it would scale as easily if I wanted to farm forextended periods of time.

    "Why go for so long a time these days? Twenty minutes tops."

    Pretty much for a larger haul…

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  • Darthmufin

    Hello! If you are like me, Captura is an essential tool for editing together parody videos for Warframe, as well as simply getting cool shots of weapons and enemies for thumbnails. I recently discovered a way to bug out the Captura camera and force it to spawn inside of the boundary Warframes normally have, that prevents the camera from getting too close. Not only does this allow you to place the camera through your Warframe to get shots at almost any angle, but this allows you to position the camera in such a way to allow "Pov" shots with weapons. This will be a short guide on how to do this, as well a video tutorial on how to do so, and sample videos that i made with pre-made green screen ready clips for you to use right now.

    To start, y…

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  • Pendrive4

    Hirudo, the healing claws

    September 20, 2017 by Pendrive4

    Greetings! Here is another beast of a weapon, that not only i like to use and keep using constantly, but a real unique one.

    Clarify: Hirudo has realtively low damage (on paper anyways), however most of it is in puncture with the life-after-crit seemingly as it's mediocre passive. This was my first thought with it too...then started using it.

    Now i feel unsafe any time i go with anything else :D

    Everything maxed, of course:

    1. Primed pressure point
    2. Primed fury
    3. Berserker
    4. Organ shatter
    5. Body count
    6. Blood rush
    7. Fever strike
    8. North wind

    Stance whichever you like, however i recommend using the matching polarity for more mod capacity.

    Why viral next to the obvious? I just found it useful for most fights, since even though your status chance is relatively low, you se…

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  • 1manApocalypse

    Ember: I Burn

    September 14, 2017 by 1manApocalypse

    So, after reading many a blog here since i started playing, i decided to finally do one of my own. Today, we're going to be talking about Ember, because in general, and as of late for me, people seem to be discounting her viability in high level content. 

    So, here's my build. A bit resource intensive for newer players, but thats to be expected of an optimized build.

    I use Ember Prime, but the prime version isn't necessary. The polarities should also be fine, since normal Ember start with 2 dashes.

    First of all, you want max efficiency, you're going to be using her 2 a lot and want keep the energy drain of her 4 to a minimum. (Edit: You can use a R4 Fleeting instead to increase your duration at only a minimal loss of energy drain on WoF) To bu…

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  • ClassCollector

    Have you ever wondered, what the heck is EV? Why they demand that 'EV' frequently? I write this Blog as a GUide on how to build the said 'EV' which is also known as Energy Vampire Trinity. Besides that, I'll also include other builds for her for a wider use for her. If you are inclined to Supporting Class, you'll most probably love Trinity!

    When this is casted on an enemy, he will be lifted airborne, glowing in green, and his Health is temporarily restored and multiplied by 10 temporarily. Any damage inflicted on that poor soul will heal you for a certain percentage, depending on your Strength.

    While not too popular, this is a fine ability.

    When this is casted on an enemy, a pulse of Energy will be emitted from the enemy which will restore En…

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  • Pendrive4

    Greetings! This is my second blog made since my electric chroma one. I'd like to share a build with you that not only brings me hours of fun, but is generally a half-hidden build, since excal is a pure starter frame, so nobody expects it to be endgame viable to this point.

    Let me prove you wrong.

    Ok, this is a different beast to crack, but you'll understand.

    1. Corrosive projection aura
    2. handspring exilus
    3. vitality
    4. redirecton
    5. primed flow
    6. primed continuity
    7. intensify
    8. fleeting expertise (5/6, we only need 50%)
    9. streamline (5/6, we are at cap)
    10. chromatic blade

    • Arcane strike
    • Arcane grace

    To be fair, both arcanes are quality of life additions.

    Electric Chromatic Blade, ninkondi with viral/radiation/berserker/condition overload, Naramon.

    I think you see the trick here.


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  • ClassCollector

    Rhino is one of the earliest Frames that is obtainable by assassinating the Jackal. The heaviest of the Frames (literally, you can't be blown up by the air vents in the Void Secret Room Challenge), I find him viable for some specific use. Plus, his abilities are pretty much straight forward and are easy to be utilized.

    You charge up straight forward, either knocking out the enemies in your way or boosting you extra mobility. Impact damage without Iron Skin on, Blast damage with it.

    Your protective layer of health, making you immune to Status Effects and making sure you don't die easily. This is a must ability to be stay active, for survival purpose. Watch out for cliffs, and Nullies!

    Buffs your damage output and your allies within the cast ra…

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  • Pendrive4

    Greetings! I wanted to share my favorite loadout to use for literally any situation, if i don't know what to expect, expect the worst, or just generally want to have fun.


    To start this one, i feel like i should mention that ever since chroma came out, he has been my main and favorite frame. I tried many styles and combinations (i have been the ice chroma with huge power str and heat with hp buffs) however, none fit me quite as the electric. I'll explain further down the road.

    All the following mods are maxed, just to avoid confusion

    1. corrosive projection aura (provides more damage that steel charge, simulacrum-tested)
    2. handspring exilus (even if anything does knock you on you back, you get up instantly)
    3. intensify (you don't really need much…

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  • ClassCollector

    Have you ever wanted to play a slow, calming, and silent game play after all the hype and excitement any day can offer you? Well then, Loki is one of the choice for a Stealth game play. Almost like in game, Loki's origins and role in Norse mythology, which some have described, as that of a trickster god. Your role is to wreak havoc, and be as mischievous as you can while dealing damage and saving your own skin! And of course maybe your squad mates, too. Why not some fun and tease around them?

    He is squishy, without much health and shield, nor too much armor. Thus, this begs Loki to stay out of the line of fire, for otherwise oblivion awaits. None of his ability deals damage, thus no Power Strength is necessary, at all. This opens up a lot o…

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  • Adhito

    Light & Dark

    August 6, 2017 by Adhito

    Hi , so this is a fictional story about Prime , Regular & Umbra Warframe , Enjoy !!

    A millenia ago we expanded into the unmonitored, unknown universe far more faster than the human history, but within this huge amount of progress come with the cost of humanity now ruled with dictatorship yet still with justice & morale called the Orokin Empire

    Our vision was with the hope of establishing an outer colony for our dying homeplanet before it's too late, but our dreams crumbled when the Sentients attacked, it nearly ended the orokin empire but when we all ( Tenno ) defeated the sentients we'd realized that we are far more powerful than we'd ever imagine, we also realize that we can topple this great yet evil empire for good

    We started the attack,…

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  • NekrosUmbra

    First you are in a nice looking Sortie.

    Spy:Radiation Hazard

    Rescue:Enemy Physical Enhancement

    Defense:Eximus Stronghold

    Nuff said, but in all seriousness you are not the Host, so first mission Host Migration when THE HOST triggers the alarm in your Vault making you go panic like you are about to die! So you try and hack the vault but you don't enter the hacking animation because of a Host Migration you return and the Lotus says you failed.

    1 like=1 Not broken Controller/keyboard.

    You try again and suceed finally you win yey!

    Then you do the other mission (Sarcastic yey). It's going okay I guess until you reach the prison you and the other guy are their you open the door and everybody rushes in the Prison, you go through the SNEAKY way the one wh…

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  • RavenCorus

    Nezha's Water Park

    July 30, 2017 by RavenCorus

    A while ago, I posted Dreaming Before the War, which was about a dream I had about warframe. Commenters seemed to enjoy it, and I agreed that I would post another if one ever came. Luckily enough, one came.. it could have been better, but it's what I got, so..

    In this dream, Warframe managed to grow so much as a franchise that they actually made their own theme park. I would compare it to Disney World, but that would be an insult to its size and immersive design. I went into the the park as I would go into any game, in Public mode, wearing Nezha. Yes, when you're in the park, you're wearing a warframe, weapons and all.

    I enter, a screen ahead of me shows a trial screen, and the names of the fellow Tenno who are entering with me. These were s…

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  • ClassCollector

    Harrow is a new frame that was introduced during the Update: Chains of Harrow. It was a long waited frame by the community, which later received quite an amount of mixed and surprised reviews, about how hard it is to acquire him and how complicated this frame can be.

    This guide is more to a general idea on how to use him during several situations. I'll try to keep this guide easy to understand. Of course, any suggestion is welcomed and comment section is always open for more ideas and thoughts.

    Harrow is a frame that leans towards support and damage buff. He has a special interaction with his own shields which makes him quite an interesting frame to be used. He alone is sufficient for several missions, but as long as shield gating is not yet…

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  • ClassCollector

    Nekros is a well known frame. Without any doubt, once people mention "need Nekros etc" it will always refer to a maximized Desecrate build. In this humble blog, I would like to share my set up for Nekros: polarities to forma and the mods we require. Let's jump straight to the build.

    This is just how I set up the polarities for Nekros. You may set it up differently, as it is fully up to you and this blog post is just a suggestion and a sharing from me. It isn't the best set up anyway, but will fit all of the builds that I will show you below.

    I can share 3 builds that I use on my daily basis. There are many more way to build Nekros, but these are how I do it.

    All of us needed some things to drop more, namely resources and mods. Despite just 54%…

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    Welcome to Volt 101! In this guide we'll discuss what makes Volt (Prime) such a great Warframe. We'll take a look at his abilities, augments, synergies, builds, and overall viability.

    Now that we know a bit more about Volt's abilities we can look into his Augments.

    Let's talk about Volt's synergies between not only his own abilities but with the abilities of other Warframes and weapons as well.

    So what are synergies? Synergies are the ways in which different abilities interact with one another to create a new effect.

    Finally, the moment you probably skipped to: Builds

    The big question here is, how should you build your Volt/Prime? Though you may build him any way you wish, I would suggest building around Discharge. I say build around Discharge …

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  • Darthmufin

    Howdy! On the off chance you reading this consider yourself to be fairly new to the game, or just never really bothered to understand the damage system in Warframe, you are in luck! I have done an entire series of short, straight to the point videos on each damage type in the game individually, to the best of my knowledge, and are currently on the Damage 2.0 main page as well as every single damage type page.

    While others in the past have done great reviews, discussions, and tutorials on the damage types in Warframe, it's often all damage types at once, or the videos are really long for what it is. Except for the first few, they all follow a logical progression and visual scheme, as well as them all being 2 minutes or less in length. While …

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  • RavenCorus

    Hey Guys!

    I've been grinding a lot due to my excitement for Tennocon. My mental involvement in the game has come to such an extent that I've been dreaming about the game, my mind making up the lore that fills in the blanks between now and the war. A friend told me to post about this, so here it is. In my dream..

    I wake up and it's already 3 in the afternoon.

    Shit! I'm late! I log into Warframe after activating the promo code for Digital Access pass and see that Baro is on the Pluto relay. I know that I won't have enough ducats for everything he has to offer, so I don't go to buy from him just yet. Looking just to the right of the front console, I see notifications for Tennocon, and I also see that there is a new mission available for 3 days t…

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  • Fegazeus

    If you want the tl;dr version, scroll down at the bottom for the full spreadsheet summary screenshot ;)

    All you need to make a guess, just like I do, is at the bottom of that page here on the wiki => Warframes

    Also all my sources come from this wiki and announcements made on the official website and the official forum.

    Not a single information on this page is sourced by datamining. Please do not consider these as "official release dates".

    The rules are simple :

    0. "Any frame is eligible to be primed" Every warframe should have its prime version at some point in the future. Unless they have a sudden change of plan or something else entirely, we cannot know what they prepare for the future of Warframe. Or maybe watching Steve's twitch stream every S…

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  • Endorphinz

    I will preface this post by mentioning that sorties cannot be accessed until you've finished The War Within Quest, so I guess there may be minor unintentional spoilers in here. 

    So, you've come a long way in your journey through warframe. Thinking about doing sorties, but haven't found much help from your friends or online resources? Hopefully this can be a one-stop guide to help cover all the basics of what to expect when going into sorties.

    I found myself often giving advice to my friends, so I thought I'd just condense all my little tips into a post. But as the information piled up, I found myself with an intimidating wall of text, so I thought a blog post might be the best platform for this. Keep in mind all of these tips and strategies …

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  • Fegazeus

    This issue has now been resolved, thanks Finner for the fix ;)

    When people want to check where they can farm specific primes, they can't do it via that specific prime page anymore. These "locations" are kind of obsolete, misinform new players and lengthen the time it takes to get precise information. Kind of the opposite of a wiki's role.

    Let's take the Braton Prime for instance (image on the right)

    As you can see there's plenty of relics to farm this from, but unfortunately most of these relics are actually Vaulted.

    It would be really usefull if we had a little something to know which relics are vaulted and which aren't, like a little asterisk+line at the bottom or the word "(vaulted)" next to each vaulted relic.

    Now the issue is I don't know …

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  • Xylden

    Devstream 91 new mods

    April 29, 2017 by Xylden

    Here are the mods showed during Devstream 91

    They ere not be the released version so their stats may change

    Stokpilled Blight : 2% seems weird since Slip magazine is 30% but it may change.

    Entropy Detonation : remind me of vulcan blitz but it need channeled ground attack so maybe a gimmick ?

    Avenging Truth : may be nice but S&A need more imo to be good but we'll see when it's released.

    Voltage Sequence : sounds like a gimmick to me but the radiation aoe from sequence may be enougth.

    Neutralizing Justice : i don't use the miter a lot so i don't know but 1shoting nullifier bubble looks like a great utility addition for the miter.

    The last one is basically firestorm for pistol so it's cool.

    'what are your thought about those mods ?'

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  • Tealeaf1801

    Sortie Fix?

    April 11, 2017 by Tealeaf1801

    So, I've been reading up on people complaining about the Sorties recently.

    While I am glad that the sorties have now been changed so I don't permanently get Nezha gear, and I know that they are working on it, there is always that feeling in my heart whenever I get a lens or booster, the feeling of "why do I even bother?"

    Let me just quickly get my opinions on lenses and boosters out of the way first.

    I no longer have a need for lenses, and unless they are Naramon or Zenurik, they aren't worth anything at all.

    Secondly, I detest boosters illogically. While I agree that they are useful, it is the only Warframe reward that I have seen you require to actually play the game more to make use of it. I don't like the idea of starting down that road.


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  • Sunofthebeach25


    April 4, 2017 by Sunofthebeach25

    As the title of my blog said, this is a blog on Rivens, and statistics, everything you need to know on the numbers of riven, your luck in getting a riven that you want, and most importantly, this blog is made to make you feel extra good when you got a god-tier riven.

    Alrighty, first of all, Rivens are purple mods that costs alot of capacity points - 18 at max rank, that have randomized stats, ranging from extremely shitty stats like + 100% Zoom or extra Projectile Speed on a Hitscan weapon (That's just sad), to extremely godly stats such as extra raw damage, Multishot, etc... that people would give you a succ for. For more information, visit this page.

    Time to tackle the basic information: Okay, as we all know, Rivens have 24 positive stats …

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  • NudeWarrior83


    Welcome to Countermeasures!

    I have used the warframe wiki to find damage output information for my Tenno to use against enemies of all faction types.  There came a point that I wanted to know what types of damage my enemies were dealing to my Tenno, as a faction, and as higher class enemies.  I noticed very quickly that I needed to jump between multiple pages to find information on just one faction, from physical to elemental damage, to the rules governing alarm triggered enemies (Prosecutor, Bursa, Juggernaut Sentient) damage and armor types.  So I poured over those pages (Damage (and all subcategories for physical and elemental types), Factions (each individual Grineer, Corpus, Infested, and Corrupted enemy page) and gathered …

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  • ReversePolishNotation

    I've been wanting to write an article for a while on my current Trinity builds, but I have been too lazy. I was finally jarred into action by this article on Reddit, which contained so many god-awful builds that I just had to jump in with my own (god-awful :)) builds.

    Like many, I was originally disconcerted by the changes made to Trinity last year, but I didn't join with many of the others who took up pitchforks to storm the DE offices. The usage of self-damaging Bless builds at the time was definitely unhealthy for the game as a whole and I agree that the changes needed to be made. However, since my main build at the time was Bless, I found myself a bit lost for a while, until I settled down on a new main build, which I'll discuss below.


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  • SuzukiSwift

    Hey everybody

    In light of Banshee Prime being released, as a Banshee main I thought I would write up a quick article on her various skills, augments and play-styles. I know that not everyone's play-style will correspond to Banshee, but if after reading this article anyone is tempted to give her a go, I will feel my mission is accomplished. 

    Banshee play-style:

    The best way to describe Banshee would be 'utility cc frame'. She provides crowd control and damage amplification to the team at the cost of being very squishy. Banshee is best suited for late game play, as her damage amplifcation is largely unnecessary before enemies hit level 100+, although it is of course always welcome to any squad. She shines best in constructed team comps as oppos…

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