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Twinzet Twinzet 4 days ago

Stealth is dead (for now)

Spoilers ahead!!! New War/Angels of the Zariman

The Angels of the Zariman update has been extremely controversial in this community, with many of you making very valid criticisms. Personally, I like a lot of the changes made in this update. I have always liked using my operator whenever I can, but prior to this operator rework it was very hard to justify using my operator in most situations. I have always mained the Naramon focus school, so I am very happy to see void dash turned into something more controllable in void sling. Operator shields and armor fixed some of the squishiness experienced when fighting Eidolons. Overgrown cities and areas in games are my favorite places to explore, so when I saw the overgrown Vallis in the New War and…

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Kirrin-Artemicia Kirrin-Artemicia 4 days ago

Gara: The Thraxbane

Written in Update 31.5

The new Zariman Ten Zero tileset offers not only a handful of new challenges for players, it also gave rise to pesky new enemies: the reworked Eximus units have become truly formidable (particularly hate those Arson and Energy Leech variants), and the new Void-sent manifestations - the Thrax Centurions and Legates - can hold on their own against tough Warframes such as and even beat in his own game. More importantly, it introduces a handy of counters to established tricks: favorite crowd control abilities such as and have become quite less reliable as safeguards due to Overguard, forcing the Tenno to rely on something old-fashioned (besides going Operator mode) - classic up-close-and-personal beatdown.

Void Cascade…

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Kirrin-Artemicia Kirrin-Artemicia 31 March

Saryn: Spreading the Spores of Love

Written in Update 31

Ah, yes, . Warframe's original high profile poster girl (can someone check how many Mods feature Saryn?), and everyone's beloved fashion model (if all her TennoGen entries mean anything, though and might want to challenge that...).

Saryn's popularity is caused not only by her shapeliness (I mean, , , and are all shapely, if you stare at them long enough), but also because she is virtually the Queen of all Trades. Need a crowd killer in Survival and Disruption runs? Call Saryn. Someone to keep Sanctuary Onslaught efficiency? Saryn. A capable decoy? Saryn's , gotcha. Someone who can go toe-to-toe with bosses? Even Saryn can fill that role. A virtual girlfriend? Heck, Saryn can compete with for that. If there's one thi…

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Kirrin-Artemicia Kirrin-Artemicia 31 March

Gara: Free Energy for Everyone!

Written in Update 31

. Arguably one of the gentlest souls out there ( and players may see Gara's Noble Animation as equally cute when she is idle with a bow or a pair of pistols).

Her ability kit is attuned towards defensive gameplay, and she can be treated as the girls' answer to with her ability to block enemies from engaging defense targets with . We may have also seen Gara in Eidolon hunts (which would be lore-appropriate, as she is the one who felled these giants' ancestor), buffing herself and allies with as added padding in nasty situations, especially when it comes to the showdown with the Hydrolyst. And in Survival runs, Gara can deploy to block choke points and confuse enemies into attacking each other.

Yet although Gara's skil…

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Kirrin-Artemicia Kirrin-Artemicia 31 March

Protea: Melting Faces Since Day One

Written in Update 31

(or Mrs. ) is one of the most versatile Warframes out there, because she can play mobile offense with her mini- turret (the ) and , ground holding with slicing s, and even support with shielding Grenade Fans and the ubiquitous . In fact, so ubiquitous that players would farm for two Protea frames: one to keep for themselves and the other to be offered to Helminth so other frames can bring their own Dispensaries. This blog entry will revolve around setting up an effective defense and exploiting Dispensary.

Unlike Vauban, who prefers enemies to approach too close to him and become trapped in his intricate setups, Protea's preferred defensive style is preventing them from even getting close in the first place. As a Warframe, …

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Kirrin-Artemicia Kirrin-Artemicia 29 March

Garuda: Of Blood and Cannon

Written in Update 31

is one of those Warframes who, for all her sass, was underutilized in her early days due to her original skill kit emphasizing "high risk, high reward" gameplay, and yet the rewards were, well, not rewarding enough - she had to always keep her HP low to augment her damage output via her old Death's Gate passive, which was rather counterintuitive as she is also meant to be an offensive healer. Plus she had to depend heavily on her signature s for survivability, which, frankly, limited her offensive options as she has to place, replace and stay close to them. And when she deliberately dropped her HP to gain higher damage, a lucky or proc - the latter bypassing her supposed safeguard with - was all that enemies needed …
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MyXaCeCe MyXaCeCe 28 March

Detailed analysis of Hydroid

…If it wasn't for Hydroid, I would definitely have abandoned Warframe. There are many reasons for this, but Hydroid... How fun and cool they are to play. Feeling like "Hydro-Man"[1] from Spider-Man[2] is great. As an illustrator and writer, I immediately came up with the idea of the backstory and drawings about Hydroid. I enjoy playing for him!

But, it's me. Other people (not all of course) do not share my opinion. And I see that some of the people are just delusional about him. Therefore, as a fan and mainer of Hydroid, for the past 4 years and 8 months (I have been playing Hydroid from August 7, 2017 to the present), I will tell, based on my experience and knowledge, who Hydroid is.

  • 1 Hydroid
  • 2 Class affiliation
  • 3 Pros and cons
    • 3.1 Angst
    • 3.2 Malice…

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Necrotifice Necrotifice 17 January

Warframe Equipment Guide

This game has a lot of equipment, and you may find yourself unsure of what to use. This guide, hopefully, will help you to make a decision on what weapons might be worth using as you progress through the game.

This guide is aimed at people who are still earlier in the game and not sure of what gear is best to use as they work their way up to higher mastery levels. This is not a guide to what the best-of-the-best weapons are - there's plenty of resources talking about that already. As a result, this guide only covers up through MR 10. By that point you can be considered to be more-or-less into the early endgame.

As a final note, Warframe is not a game that will ever require you to go and get the 'best in slot' or meta weapons. The meta weapons …

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Yazuh Yazuh 12 January

EN TestZone

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Kiljaedenas Kiljaedenas 6 January

Quassus: Blades of Blood

The is an intriguing melee weapon for two key reasons. First, it is one of the three long-range melee types (a Warfan, the other two being Gunblades and Glaives). Second, its long range attack has a guaranteed bleeding proc. The only other long-range melee weapon that can claim the same is the which is a lot more difficult to obtain and can't spam its throws due to the out-and-return mechanics of glaives.

The following is a build intended to maximize constant use of the Quassus thrown blades for the bleed instead of the basic attacks.

UPDATED JAN 6, to replace broken Condition Overload

  • 1 Mod Set
  • 2 The Damage Factors
  • 3 The Bleed
  • 4 Conclusion

NOTE, for this build, if you're willing to sacrifice 2 points in a lesser importance mod you can max everyth…

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Necrotifice Necrotifice 2 January

Warframe Content Guide

Intro - skip this if you can kinda guess what this guide is for.

Warframe teaches players to play the way a bird teaches it's young to fly. Which is to say it doesn't, it just drops you off at a certain point and hopes you do okay. Even into the late game, the game can often feel directionless, and that's because it fundamentally is. This is a strength as much as it is a weakness - players can tackle content in more-or-less whatever order they choose with only a few real gates to progress in your way! This means that unlike most MMO's where you have to spend 400 hours catching up to your one friend who convinced you to play it, you can start doing useful content with friends within the first few days of play. However, that freedom comes at …

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Kiljaedenas Kiljaedenas 14 November 2021

The Adaptable Khora/Helstrum/Sentinel 2.0

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Khora
  • 3 Venari
  • 4 Sentinel
  • 5 Helstrum
  • 6 Weapons
  • 7 Conclusion

The almighty , if built a certain way, is able to be built into an extremely adaptable multi-purpose combat frame with an astounding combination of toughness, speed, damage output and tactical logistics, and is also more capable than most Warframes at making very special use of a Sentinel with a equipped as a status primer. The below build is fully Steel-Path viable, as well as virtually every other possible game mode. Be warned, this is a very expensive, slow to make build that uses quite a number of Formas, Reactors and Catalysts, since to really make it work you aren't just setting up Khora; you're setting up 4 separate mod platforms before you even start considering weapons.

This bu…

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ProgerCbsk ProgerCbsk 9 October 2021

Frost playstyle guide

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Abilites and Augments review
    • 2.1 Augments
      • 2.1.1 Freeze Force
      • 2.1.2 Ice Wave Impedance
      • 2.1.3 Chilling Globe
      • 2.1.4 Icy Avalanche
    • 2.2 Usage recommandation
      • 2.2.1 Freeze
      • 2.2.2 Ice Wave
      • 2.2.3 Snow Globe
      • 2.2.4 Avalanche
  • 3 Starchart missions
    • 3.1 Perfect fit
    • 3.2 Possible use
    • 3.3 Not recommended
  • 4 Solo-ing with Frost
    • 4.1 Missions progressivity
    • 4.2 Specter helper
  • 5 Builds
    • 5.1 Recommended mod table
    • 5.2 Toughest Snow Globe
    • 5.3 Massive Avalanche
    • 5.4 Armor-stripping Avalanche
    • 5.5 Super large Snow Globe
    • 5.6 Polarities recommandation
  • 6 Specter

is considered as a defensive/support frame. His star ability, the Snow Globe, is the most known and often the only ability used. But Frost can do more.

tl;dr : buff DPS, buff shield, debuff armor, slowing down up to frozen enemies, and proc immunity.

(Blog up…

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JoyFX JoyFX 7 October 2021


placeholder for now

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Kiljaedenas Kiljaedenas 18 August 2021

Saryn - Living Artillery

is typically considered a priming frame to spread and procs through her Spores ability and others, but she has a different, more powerful strength: Saryn is the only frame I know of that can have three simultaneous % weapon damage buffs on at once, AND still have a self-heal ability to help keep her alive. Paired with the right weapons, she becomes an abject damage-dealing powerhouse the likes of which can be matched by very, very little.

The following build can be used with any Primary, Secondary or Melee weapon that you please, even an Arch-Gun called via an Archgun Deployer (and you can cast the buffs while the Archgun is deployed), however it is built based on my Akarius-Run and Gun Death Cannons build.

UPDATED AUG 24 2021 with Roar ca…

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Fluffysentinull Fluffysentinull 18 August 2021

Melee Finisher modifier stacking

For my reference.

Base * WeaponFinisherMult * (1 + Finishing Touch + Covert Lethality + Fatal Teleport*AbilityStrength) * (1 + Radiant Finish*AbilityStrength) * (1 + Savage Silence*AbilityStrength)†

...where mods correspond to their "Additional Damage" value (e.g. maxed Finishing Touch yields +0.6)

† Note that the values listed in the augmented ability tooltips are confusing. The value listed for Silence is the total multiplier, i.e.

(100% + Mod*Strength)

while the values listed for Teleport and Radial Howl are the simply the additional damage, i.e.


The augmented tooltips for Silence and Teleport intuitively label these values "Finisher Damage" and "Extra Damage" respectively, but the Radial Howl tooltip is labelle…

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Cephalon Scientia Cephalon Scientia 3 July 2021

Relic Pages Update

Hello everyone! I am one of the volunteer developers on this wiki and I just want to write a quick wiki update post for posterity and documentation on what I have been working on the past month regarding Void Relics. These changes affect all relic pages as well as the main Void Relic article and are now live at the time this blog post is published. If you have any questions or concerns, I can be reached through my message wall or on the wiki's Discord channel. Happy farming!

  • 1 Changelogs
  • 2 Sample Renders
    • 2.1 New Vaulted Relic
  • 3 Old Blog Posts

Here are some backend changes to how we store, render, and display relic data around these parts:

  • Added a new Template:RelicPage that combines all the below archived templates using the Lua scripting language, …

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KurosanLOVE KurosanLOVE 17 June 2021

Lumines Remastered Skins in Mandachord

Lumines is a series of music-puzzle games by Q? Entertainment and Enhance.

Mandascore is a fan-made website to compose music using the Mandachord. The Mandachord has 10 Instruments, and plays on the D-minor pentatonic scale (5 notes). It is locked to a BPM of 120 and 16 beats (8 seconds).

Original tracks can be found here on the Lumines Wiki or here on YouTube.


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Kiljaedenas Kiljaedenas 14 April 2021

Veiljack - Railjack build to solo Veil

The Railjack and relevant game missions can prove troublesome to newer players, as there are a lot of possible combinations of equipment, Avionics and relevant combat tactics. But the following setup has proven fully capable of soloing even Veil Proxima missions (at least the space sections; you still have to figure out your method for dealing with the ground combat on your own).

This will cover ideal options as they are shown going left to right in the various tabs of the ship fitting screen in your Dojo. Obviously you would want all of the components and weapons to Mk III, but the lower Mark versions still work well in lower level missions until you can farm higher grade gear, and through either joining a Mk III ship crew doing Veil runs …

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Kiljaedenas Kiljaedenas 18 March 2021

Akarius Build-Run and Gun Death Cannons

The is a significantly under-estimated weapon. For run-and-gun carnage EVERYBODY always touts the , and always gives excuses based on flawed logic if you look into the details. But this guide intends to dig a bit deeper and prove just how dangerous the Akarius really is.

  • UPDATED JUNE 26 2021, with Endgame Mode
  • UPDATED AUG 9 2021, to bypass currently broken Galvanized Shot

The first mistake everyone seems to make on the Akarius is "Oh, zero crit chance? It sucks bye". What they fail to realize is the following: a weapon with a certain damage per shot and 100% crit chance for double damage has the exact same damage output over time (DPS) as a) a weapon with the same damage per shot, zero crit chance but double the firing rate, and b) a weapon …

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KurosanLOVE KurosanLOVE 8 March 2021

Duration and Efficiency focused Ivara Build

Hello. Please call me Kuro. In this blog post, I will be showing you my current Mod build for . This build is also compatible with .

  • 1 Build
    • 1.1 Mods
    • 1.2 Information
      • 1.2.1 Abilities
  • 2 Guide

A number next to the Mod name indicates the rank. An icon next to the Mod name indicates a Polarity.

Toxic Flight and the Arcanes were the only ones I had, please change it to something better. If you have them, replace some Mods with Primed Mods.

Again, this is the current build for my . This build is primarily for grinding for Affinity and Focus, as well as non-Defensing Missions.

A high Duration increases the effects of Cloak Arrow and Sleep Arrow. It also makes last longer. I have put in because, if the Range is too low, you may have difficulties putti…

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TennoHQ TennoHQ 26 February 2021

Unkillable Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path

  • 1 Unkillable Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path - 2021 Warframe Build
  • 2 Wukong Prime Build for Steel Path Overview
    • 2.1 Is Primal Fury good for Steel Path?
    • 2.2 How to play Wukong Prime
    • 2.3 Wukong’s Cloud Walker
    • 2.4 Build Requirements
  • 3 Wukong Prime Steel Path Build
    • 3.1 Wukong Prime’s Survivability
    • 3.2 Wukong’s Passive Explained
    • 3.3 The Celestial Twin
      • 3.3.1 Ability Strength on Wukong Prime
    • 3.4 Celestial Stomp Augment Mod
      • 3.4.1 Ability Range on Wukong Prime
    • 3.5 2300 Armor with Defy
      • 3.5.1 Ability Duration on Wukong Prime
  • 4 Best Arcanes for Wukong Prime
    • 4.1 Arcane Guardian
    • 4.2 Arcane Grace
    • 4.3 Arcane Strike & Arcane Fury
  • 5 Best Weapons for Wukong’s Celestial Twin
    • 5.1 Proboscis Cernos or Kuva Bramma
    • 5.2 Astilla
    • 5.3 Ignis Wraith
  • 6 Helminth: Best Abilities to infuse on Wukong Prime
  • 7 Conclusion: …
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Cephalon Scientia Cephalon Scientia 16 February 2021

WARFRAME's Entire Patch History Part 3

WARFRAME's patch history in a JSON format from Update 25 to Update 29. Feel free to update any page in Category:Patch History Needed with this information. Source: https://github.com/WFCD/warframe-patchlogs

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Cephalon Scientia Cephalon Scientia 16 February 2021

WARFRAME's Entire Patch History Part 2

WARFRAME's patch history in a JSON format from Update 18 to Update 24. Feel free to update any page in Category:Patch History Needed with this information. Source: https://github.com/WFCD/warframe-patchlogs

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Cephalon Scientia Cephalon Scientia 16 February 2021

WARFRAME's Entire Patch History Part 1

WARFRAME's patch history in a JSON format from Closed Beta Updates to Update 17. Feel free to update any page in Category:Patch History Needed with this information. Source: https://github.com/WFCD/warframe-patchlogs

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Genreless Genreless 17 January 2021

Prisma Dual Decurion Bullet Velocity Test Data

  • 1 Test 1 (outside of max range)
    • 1.1 Measured Range
      • 1.1.1 Reason For Variance
    • 1.2 Measured Times
      • 1.2.1 Reason for variance
  • 2 Test 2
    • 2.1 Conclusion

The following data was collected by starting a stopwatch app on my phone at the same time as firing the Prisma Dual Decurion at a rock, looking to the side slightly, and then stopping the stopwatch when I saw the round hit the rock. Data here is likely to be a lower limit on the possible speed for the rounds.

6810m at start

6805m at end

Rocks in Empyrean aren't flat, I probably placed my waypoint on different locations. Ranges from this test probably varied by a few meters.

  1. 3.63s
  2. 3.26s
  3. 3.01s
  4. 2.96s
  5. 3.03s
  6. 3.01s
  7. 2.99s
  8. 3.07s
  9. 2.95s
  10. 3.13s
  11. 3.00s
  12. 2.93s
  13. 2.91s

My reaction time; it would be more precise to count frames on a recording, …

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Cephalon Scientia Cephalon Scientia 16 December 2020

Researching WARFRAME Mechanics

Whether you are min-maxing your damage to one-shot Eidolons or figuring out what looting abilities work against a particular enemy, the following blog post aims to describe all the possible ways one can perform research in-game to test out WARFRAME's mechanics or the types of research players can perform to contribute their data onto the wiki.

Sometimes interactions are deemed "unintended" or bugged by the developers so be aware that they have the right to remove or change them at their discretion.

Last updated: 19:58, 2 May 2021 (UTC)

  • 1 Missing Content
  • 2 Testing in the Simulacrum
    • 2.1 Enemies to Spawn
    • 2.2 Weapons to Use
  • 3 Confirmation Tests
    • 3.1 Confirming Health and Shield Values
    • 3.2 Confirming Enemy Damage Types Dealt
    • 3.3 Confirming Health Classes
    • 3.4 Confir…

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Ceponatia Ceponatia 23 November 2020

Nexifera farming

Farmed Nexifera with a friend last night and for quite some time, we could only manage to get "good captures". We were also tranqing and capturing the Cryptilexes that spawn near the slime pool but I accidentally triggered the Nex drop while a Cryptilex was under it and it killed the Cryptilex. After tranqing the Nex, we got our first capture. I theorized that you need to "feed" the Nexifera to get the perfect capture. So far I've been able to replicate this three times.

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ShotgunLover ShotgunLover 4 November 2020

The new visual and technial design of editors and the wiki

Hi guys :)

as everyone probably witnessed, the wiki had some changes made to the comment section, some visual things and, for some most important, the editors.

I have also seen some understandable critics like slow loading, different code/formatting stuff or the arguable need for these changes at all.

But I think, since these changes were made by the Fandom staff/devs (and not the warframe wiki admins or sth like that) we now have to deal with these changes and won't see it reverted. That also brings up some questions for me as I never was an expert of or even majorly adept in all these coding and template things.

  • The first thing I have noted (of the things we can maybe acutally "change") is a visual issue for collapislbe tables. Those apparent…

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Cephalon Scientia Cephalon Scientia 9 August 2020

History of Gameplay Difficulty and the Elusive 'Endgame'

Showcasing DE's history with experiments for increasing gameplay difficulty and rewarding gameplay that can be repeated: the so-called 'endgame'. Note that instances of power creep are undocumented since meta loadouts change constantly and there are so many to account for.

  • 1 - Stormbringer
  • 2 - Vor's Revenge
  • 3 - Shadows of the Dead
  • 4 - Valkyr Unleashed
  • 5 - Zephyr Rises
  • 6 - Dark Sectors
  • 7 - The Mad Cephalon
  • 8 - Archwing
  • 9 - Sanctuary
  • 10 - Echoes of the Sentient
  • 11 - The Second Dream
  • 12 - (The Path To) The War Within
  • 13 - Octavia's Anthem
  • 14 - Chains of Harrow
  • 15 - Plains of Eidolon
  • 16 - The Sacrifice
  • 17 - Fortuna
  • 18 - The Jovian Concord
  • 19 - The Old Blood
  • 20 - Empyrean
  • 21 - The Deadlock Protocol
  • 22 - Heart of Deimos
  • 23 - Call of the Tempestarii

March 22nd, 2013 - First weapon balance sw…

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Cephalon Scientia Cephalon Scientia 29 June 2020

WARFRAME Lore Timeline


Timeline of major events in the WARFRAME universe up to present-day. Timeline is subject to change due to unreliable narrators in the game.

Game trailers, removed content, and holiday events are of dubious canonicity so they are not included in this timeline. All quest chronological orders are based on their release date if their proper chronological order is unknown or unclear. The timeline does not consider the order in which the main player may participate in the optional side quests.

Any mention of time is assumed to reference Earth years, though it is unclear what unit of measurement the Origin System uses to measure time.

Events in Digital Extremes' Dark Sector is not canon. Any in-game references or easter eggs relating to Dark Sector…

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Hazzabro124 Hazzabro124 6 June 2020

pew pew: the compilation

So instead of making a new blog every 5 seconds (which is against the rules, actually) when i become interested in something new, i've decided to compile it all into a single blog which i shall (hopefully) update regularly. Henceforth, this blog shall be known as "pew pew, the compilation"

Okay so covert lethality was nerfed into oblivion and now I'm sad ;c  Yes, it was overpowered, and yes, it needed a nerf, but you can't blame me for wanting an instant kill.  So on todays episode of I talk about things, I'm going to attempt to find either: A, an instant kill. B, something that can kill any enemy in a certain amount of hits. or C, infinitely scaleable damage.  Okay so I already found all three so enjoy.


Okay so we have two contenders for A…

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Poestis Poestis 1 June 2020

I dare you to try Nyx Naramon. This is for a trophy post.

Nyx Naramon:
Use heavy blade with tempo royale, as fast as you can get it, don't need combo stacking mods just crit damage and speed. 

Mod Nyx with no survival mods, The mod [Assimilate] is a must, just efficiency, Primed Flow, Narrow minded, and things that will do things faster.. speed drift/natural talent and such..

Use L2 and Melee to jump around as Nyx like crazy, almost do Cartwheels in Nyx's immortal 4th ability.  Use Dethcube with [Energy Generator] to get back energy.  Deth cube WILL ALSO be immortal with you.  Use [Arcane Energize] for one of the arcanes, I recommend [Arcane Strike] for more speed or if you are fine with the swing speed [Arcane Fury] for damage.

If you can't jump up on a ledge or if you need to go really far, just go…

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ZyLnTKyllR ZyLnTKyllR 18 May 2020

Warframes ranked based on the hardest grind to acquire them

I have ranked the warframes based on difficulty of their acquisition, as of PC Hotfix 27.5.3.

1. Harrow
 Harrow's main blueprint is awarded upon completion of the Chains of Harrow quest. Its an Ok quest, but so much time invested just for a BP
 Chassis - Void Fissure Enemies (if you are eligible to farm his other parts, you might have tons of this already)
 Neuroptics - Rotation C vault on Pago, Kuva Fortress (Requires War Within quest completion, and its not a spy mission with adequate tenno-traffic)
 Systems - Defection missions on Rotations B and C. (Arguabily the most hated mission type in the game)

2. Nidus
 Nidus' main blueprint is acquired from The Glast Gambit quest. Nidus' component blueprints are acquired from Rotation C of Infested Salva…

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Zero Leaf Zero Leaf 24 February 2020

Inertia and keeping melee articles up to date

Hello there fellow editors I'm here to talk about the "Inertia" melee mechanic that you can find the mentions of in articles such as Scindo or Glaive Prime. Or rather about the lack there of of such a mechanic.

Inertia used to be a property of mostly-heavier melee weapons (and some light ones too, such as single and dual daggers) that would give a complete immunity to crowd-control effects during the swing animation. It was a stance-specific parameter actually, so the newer stances such as Vengeful Revenant or Four Riders was able to make normally-not-inertial Swords and Claws resilient to interruption as well. Good times.

It was ditched in Chimera Prologue update (for normal attacks) in favor of auto-blocking, and discontinued altogether af…

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Toolbox Motley Toolbox Motley 26 January 2020

Tenno Specter AI Behavior compilation

ATTENTION! I've revisited this research, putting the information in tables and ensuring its accuracy, as well as adding explanations of my own experience with each one, detailing whether each Specter is effective or not. You can find this new information at https://thegamingtoolbox.com/specters/


  • Casts Shuriken when enemy is in line of sight. Cooldown of 15 seconds.
  • Casts Smoke Screen very sporadically, regardless of enemy presence. Attacking with Warframe weapons will end Specter's invisibility. Operator attacks will not end invisibility. Will cast every 8-20 seconds.
  • Casts Teleport when enemy is more than 10m away. Cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Casts Blade Storm when 5+ enemies are in line of sight. Does not necessarily tag all 5+ enemies with t…

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Cephalon Scientia Cephalon Scientia 9 January 2020

Module:Stances—A New Look and Personality (Stance Tables Remastered)

Happy New Year Warframe Wikia users and contributors!

The advent of Update 26 with its Melee 2.9999 changes have brought my and many other editors' attention towards the need to update how stance tables are displayed. So began the porting of the wiki templates over to Lua (no not the moon) in the form of modules.

Before I begin, I want to shoutout to User:ArbitraryMary for doing the majority of the work of updating most (if not all) the PvE stance info and User:Nocturnus1 for updating PvP stances too! Thank you for your research! If there is anyone I missed, please leave a message below.

If you are curious about programming or want to know the behind-the-scenes look for this wiki, this blog post may be the place to learn more. Feel free to as…

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CosmicSheepo CosmicSheepo 15 December 2019

Prime Warframe Passives

The Primed versions of frames right now are just improved versions of their normally variants, with stat buffs ranging from basically nonexistent (looking at you Frost Prime) to pretty good, like Atlas Prime with a boost in all base stats. Aaaand that’s it. It’s largely the same with Primed weapons, but some of them, such as the Pyrana Prime and Ballistica Prime have unique effects, such as the ghost Pyrana and the specters the Ballistica summons. Since the Prime frames are completely and utterly superior in to the modern versions in lore, shouldn’t they be the same in game? I *personally* think Primed frames should have near complete base stat buffs, or at least buffs in their preferred stats, like Frost Prime getting higher armor (who bu…

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ShotgunLover ShotgunLover 5 December 2019

What to do with "useless" rewards?

Hey guys, I am not quite sure if this is the right format to adress these thougts and I am pretty sure many people already have and/or gave their opinion on that, but with Intermission II and the latest reward changes in arbitration a few patches ago, I feel like I somehow need to give my two cents about this matter. And for everyone who doesn't want to read everything (still some text) -> scroll down to "Conclusion".

First of all: with the term "useless" I don't refer to stuff that "I don't want cuz it's shit" or something like that since if we only follow that rule, we'd probably have to agree that we need to delete 99,9% of all rewards since everyone feels like "i don't want this or that" about different drops. So my point will be to impr…

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Sigma797 Sigma797 22 November 2019

Warframe Concept: Sigma (Yes ik my name is Sigma)

Sigma - the Quantum Lord

Armor 150

Health 300

Shield 175

Energy 275

Passive: Rolling will instead perform a short range quantum warp ("blink") that explodes on exit after a delay. This deals low damage (5% of enemies max health) but briefly opens up enemies to finishers with a stagger. If they are not finished, it causes a guaranteed Radiation proc. During the dash, you are completely invulnerable. However, it has a recharge time with 3 regenerating charges (think Tracer from OW). Has a battery(similar to Gauss) that charges by procing Radiation status and killing enemies affected by Sigma's abilities.

Ability 1 - Molecular Breakdown: Unleash a quantum wave that alters enemies' molecular structures, increasing the damage they take. (Direct dama…

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Sigma797 Sigma797 21 November 2019

My Issues with Defection

AI/Kavor Defectors

  • They constantly get stuck on tiny objects, corners, railings, and bumps.
    • When this happens, the player must simply wait for the atmosphere or nearby Infested to kill them, then revive them.
      • Sometimes this doesn't even fix their stuck state.
      • If playing solo (which isn't uncommon, as many don't play defection due to these issues), the player must leave the other Defectors behind to revive the stuck one. This often leads to other defectors dying or completely draining the med station they are at, which can spiral down into failing the mission.
  • Their pathing is HORRIBLE, worse than any other AI in the game.
    • They constantly split up from each other.
      • Normally one or two defectors take the fastest, "normal" route, but the others take …
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Sigma797 Sigma797 11 November 2019

Warframe: The Good, The Bad, and my suggestions


(if you haven't done all the main story quests, I highly suggest not reading this)

Warframes: While I haven't used a good few frames, most of their abilities and passives are useful, powerful, and fun. I personally prefer a) active, fun frames like Gauss and Nidus or b) support frames like Wisp or Harrow (if I had him :'( ). I also like the Augment system, as it can add a bit of spice to a commonly used ability (e.g. Teeming Virulence). 


While the modding system doesn't make realistic sense, it shouldn't have to, since you are a space child piloting a space robot via magic Void powers. Mods counter the "Warframe is pay-to-win" argument, since, even though you can outright buy weapons and frame…

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Toxic Barrel Toxic Barrel 9 November 2019

My thoughts on the Kuva Lich System at it's current state

Alright this blog is basically just about me bitching and whining about the new Kuva Lich System as well as praising it for some of its gucci ideas and concepts

Since you all know me now from the comments from random sections particularly from the controversial pages like Excal Prime, Trials, and of course, conclave, yep, i'm just another retarded kid that likes to shit on things and have people slip over it 

So prepare your keyboards because you're in for a trigger treat on my views and opinions on this new content! >:P

Intro synopsis

The Kuva Lich system is a personal rivalry mechanic in which you gain your own nemesis through killing them in their larval form in which they become a Lich. Everybody who at least tried or heard about the conte…

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ThatEmoGamer ThatEmoGamer 6 November 2019

Top 5 THICC Warframes

  • 1 Get your peepee's ready bois.
    • 1.1 Number 5 - Grendel
    • 1.2 Number 4 - Valkyr Prime
    • 1.3 Number 3 - Rhino Prime
    • 1.4 Number 2 - Equinox Prime
    • 1.5 Number 1 - Hildryn
    • 1.6 Secret Number 0- Mesa Prime

Since my last blog went over so well last time (deleted two hours after I posted it), I decided to make another blog post for absolutely no fucking reason other than boredom and distraction. I'mma talk about what are, in my opinion, the thiccest Warframes in the game. I have no real criteria for choosing spots on the list or anything, I just wanted to talk about thicc Warframes. So lets whet our whistles and see which Warframes get your thicc meters off the charts.

The most recently introduced Warframe as of making this blog, this boi's tummy is really chunky. Whi…

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Freighttrain, The Freighttrain, The 28 September 2019

Problems With Warframe and List of Improvements

(Updated as of 23/06/2020)

Contact e-mail: freighttrain@email.com

Anonymous comments will not be read or replied to by me.

Hello discerning Warframe players, the following is a preliminary list of observations I've made, problems I've encountered and improvements that I would suggest from having played Warframe with this in mind over a few of weeks, I understand that some of the entries in both the problems and improvements sections could be placed in either category with slight rewording but this is how the list turned out so I'll leave it as it is for now.

  • 1 Observations
  • 2 Problems
    • 2.1 General
    • 2.2 Lore/fluff
    • 2.3 Gameplay
      • 2.3.1 Factions
        • Infested
    • 2.4 Aesthetics
      • 2.4.1 Factions
        • Nightwave
        • Infested
      • 2.4.2 Warframes
  • 3 Improvements
    • 3.1 Interface
    • 3.2 Customisa…

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Jrjjue Jrjjue 15 September 2019

Shattering Impact: A PowerShell Story

Hey, I have something new. Warframe presents algebra problems. And one thinks through them. To demonstrate this process and the use of PowerShell, I've embedded my thought process into a here-string.

In the code, you can see PowerShell working behind the scenes. And, in the shell, you can see why Shattering Impact fares poorly versus high level Bombards.

Copy the code and run it to see the result in a PowerShell. I recommend saving it as .ps1 file and running that. You might need to enable scripts.

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Jrjjue Jrjjue 28 August 2019

Snow Globe Health Calculation

Here is a PowerShell script to calculate the health of Frost's Snow Globe.

Enter your armor and ability strength affecting mods in the variables at the top. For example, to add Transient Fortitude, I would change the third variable to:

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Jrjjue Jrjjue 17 July 2019

Drop Table Diff

Some of you might know that Digital Extremes publishes their drop tables. With the release of Wukong Prime a few weeks ago, I decided to make a copy of the drop tables for my reference. I visited the page, selected all, and copied into a text file. Using my editor, I am able to perform more complicated searches than with a Web browser. And I was satisfied.

With the new prime vault offerings, I decided to visit the drop tables again and see if there were any changes. I wasn't sure if the page was updated at all. But I pasted the text into my file comparison program and compared it to the copy I made a few weeks ago.

I got some useful information. The table was updated. And, in certain places, I could see that some relics were added or replace…

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JadeJason JadeJason 13 July 2019

Sudden insight into veteran recommendations for starters!

I've been wondering why people invariably suggest Excalibur (if they voice an opinion other than 'Any') over Mag and Volt so consistently. Usually the reasoning is "Excalibur is harder to get in-game" or "Excalibur makes Junctions super-easy" both of which didn't make too much sense to me.

Excalibur is at Ceres, less than 1/2 way through the Star Chart, and only 1 planet further than Mag at Phobos (I don't count Mars after Phobos, I count it before Phobos, and I don't count the Void, since it's 3 nodes, and has no Junction)

As far as the Junction Specters are concerned, Mag can cheese those just as easily as Excalibur - Magnetize the Specter, then put bullets or arrows into their head, or better yet, a projectile with punch through.

But I lea…

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DazedAgenda5120 DazedAgenda5120 1 July 2019

Warframe impressions.

Just a month into waframe - a game that appeals due to customisation and upgrade options. I don't mind the desirable grind nor farming to refine skills and grow familarity with my frame and weapons but there are a few things that annoy me which, you may agree with.

Joining a clan - why is it so difficult? I don't know any players personally. I routinely attempt to chat, as yet I have not had a reply;  "in space no one can hear you scream" , is so true as I float along in my orbiter.

Fissure drops are so inconsistent, I have so many mismatched drops, to build anything is a miracle. 

Harrow Chasis is this chasis a in-house joke. I'm ML 6 and I have 30 Harrow Chasis blueprints to spare, I've given up on finding the warframe blueprint, neuroptics …

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