Blind Justice is a Stance mod for Nikanas, specializing in high mobility combined with fast overhead slashes.

Can be equipped on:


Move Melee Combos
Zatōs Creed EEE2XE
Guiding Light EE  Pause ESlash bEEE
Heeding Call ERMB  + EEE2XEE3X
Destined Path E  Hold + E150%EE2XE3XE3X
Parting Knee Slide + E
Setting Sun In Air + E
Guiding Wire Wallrun + E
Resting Place Aiming at Downed Enemy + E
    = Normal       = All Targets       = Slam       = Proc
  • PS4 Players E  = R1RMB  = R2
  • Xbox Players E  = RBRMB  = LTrigger


  • Zatōs Creed can be performed while melee is not equipped.
    • This is the first stance to change the default quick attack of a melee class into its basic combo.
  • If Hold E  is performed during Guiding Light's third attack instead of simply tapping E , the fourth attack in Zatōs Creed will be performed after the dash.
  • Guiding Light has the longest range of all the combos that utilize forward dashes, with a range of around 10 meters.


  • This stance's combo animations were first seen at Tennolive 2014.
  • Blind Justice is the third Nikana Stance (and the only third stance of any melee class), following Tranquil Cleave and Decisive Judgement. It is the only one out of the three that is uncommon.
  • The name "Blind Justice" was confirmed by Geoff Crookes to be a nod to the fictional Japanese character Zatoichi, who was a blind swordsman best known for his use of the reverse-grip style of swordsmanship. The name of the first combo Zatōs Creed is a further reference to the name.
  • Like Decisive Judgement, Blind Justice changes the weapon's grip during attacks, in this case using a single-hand reverse-grip style of holding the Nikana.


Warframe Dragon Nikana Blind Justice Pro Builds Update 14.10

Warframe Dragon Nikana Blind Justice Pro Builds Update 14.10.0

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