The Black Seed was a group introduced in the Black Seed Scourge Tactical Alert. They were responsible for unleashing the Juggernauts into the Origin System. Because of this they drew the ire of Frohd Bek — although he seemed to have had some level of disdain for them before these events.

The Black Seed Scourge Edit

The Black Seed raided Alad V's labs and stole Juggernaut spores. Learning about this, Frohd Bek contacted the Tenno to inform them and strike up a deal for dealing with them. Bek directed the Tenno to various planets throughout the System to track down and apprehend Black Seed operatives, working up the chain of command.

After apprehending the Black Seed's Lieutenants, Bek learned that they had grown a Juggernaut Behemoth to maturity. The Tenno tracked the beast down and destroyed it. With the Behemoth slain the remaining Black Seed operatives were driven into hiding.

Trivia Edit

  • In his transmission at the start of the Tactical Alert, Frohd Bek refers to the Black Seed as "these so-called Corpus", suggesting that perhaps the Black Seed is affiliated with, or at least considers itself affiliated with, the greater Corpus faction.
    • If there is an affiliation, then they are a unique group within the Corpus — as all other known Corpus characters have an interest in Profit in one form or another.
  • Many in the community often mistakenly state that the Black Seed was responsible for the creation of the Infested Juggernauts, however the starting transmission for the event states that they merely unleashed the Juggernauts after stealing them. The Juggernauts themselves were said to have originally come from Alad V's Mutalist labs.
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