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Warframe. Where to get Berserker Mod (PC,PS4, Xbox One)
==Patch History==
==Patch History==

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Not to be confused with the Berserker Warframe, Valkyr.

Berserker is a mod that temporarily increases a melee weapon's attack speed on a Critical Hit.


Rank Effect Duration Cost Conclave
0 +5% +4s 4 C5
1 +10% +8s 5 C6
2 +15% +12s 6 C7
3 +20% +16s 7 C8
4 +25% +20s 8 C9
5 +30% +24s 9 C10


  • Berserker will activate on critical hits from any melee weapon, including those summoned by abilities such as Exalted Blade, Primal Fury, and Hysteria.
    • Furthermore, Berserker will trigger if a Channeled melee weapon blocks a critical hit from an enemy.
  • The attack speed bonus stacks up to 3 times for a total maximum benefit of +75% attack speed.
    • Each stack has its own duration and will wear off separately.
  • Does not speed up the animation of Stealth Finishers


  • Berserker works best with melee weapons whose critical chance is 20% or greater, allowing for much greater attack speed.
  • This mod synergizes well with True SteelTrue Punishment, Blood Rush or Maiming Strike, as the increase in critical hit chance will make it more likely for this mod to activate.


  • Prior to Hotfix 13.8.1, Berserker would treat melee Stealth Finisher Damage as a critical hit, activating or refreshing the speed bonus. However, despite their damage numbers still displaying as yellow, finishing attacks are no longer automatically considered critical hits.


Patch History

See also

  • Fury, the passive version of this mod.
  • Quickening, the channeling version of this mod.
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