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This article serves as a portal for new and returning players to navigate around the wiki for relevant information about their WARFRAME journey.


• Companions
Personal allies of the Tenno. A Companion offers a variety of utility purposes as well as a weapon of its own.
• Warframes
The battle suit of the Tenno. Each Warframe has a distinct theme with a set of four unique abilities and stats.
• Weapons
Guns and Blade. The weapons of the old ways.
LisetShipTop.png Orbiter
Personal ship of a Tenno. Your starting point in the game.
Fusion Core horizontal.png Mods
Module cards for optimizing Warframes, Weapons and Companions, various attributes.
Orokin Reactor.png Equipment
Items for assisting players in battle, unlocking their weapons to full potential, accessing secret locations and more.
EnergyOrb.png Pickups
Items dropped by enemies and containers and can be collected by players. Restores health, energy, ammunition and more.
Resource Orange.png Resources
Items dropped by enemies and Storage Containers. Crucial components for building items in the Foundry.
AllianceEmblem.png Clan
An alliance between players. A clan can establish a Clan Dojo to research special weapons and create a hub for clan members through room construction and decorations.
   Chassis.png Foundry
Build items using blueprints and resources. Certain blueprints can be acquired by completing specific missions.


Kubrow.png Quests
Single player campaign that yields special rewards while exploring the WARFRAME universe.
   Missionlogo.png Missions
Consist of various types of objectives across the Star Chart. Some mission nodes have a higher chance to yield certain Mission Rewards depending on their Drop Tables.
   AltHelmetBSeriesTheGents.png Game Modes
Missions can be played solo, privately with friends or publicly with strangers.
DECorpusShipC.png Tile Sets
Maps in the game are randomly generated from a set of tiles.
   MaskedGrineer.png Factions
Enemies and allies. Different factions have different vulnerabilities, Languages, etc.
   DEColony.png Planets/Regions
Homeworlds of various factions with different resources and Tile Sets.


Orokin Reactor.png Supercharging
Double your Mod capacity of moddable items by using either an Orokin Reactor or Orokin Catalyst.
   Forma2.png Polarization
Modifying Polarity of certain equipment using Forma2.png Forma to gain more Mod capacity.
   DamageModBundleIcon.png Damage
Damage stats of each weapon is determined from physical and elemental damage types, each having various Status Effect and dealing different amounts of damage on different enemy health/armor types.
IconClanObstacleCourse.png Maneuvers
The heart of the game Warframe is the ability to perform advanced free running maneuvers and Melee combat.
   AffinityOrb.png Affinity
Warframe and weapon experience points obtained by killing enemies and completing missions. For ranking up Mastery too.
   Rank31.png Mastery Rank
A leveling system that shows a player's relative skill and experience in the game. Higher Mastery Ranks unlock more content.


EndoIconRenderLarge.png Mission Rewards
Items that are only purchasable from the Market with Platinum64.png Platinum may also be available as an end-of-mission reward. Some are also exclusive to a specific mission type.
   FusionMOADE2.png Events
Special missions with additional lore that occurs approximately once every few months. Events are often used to introduce new gameplay mechanics, characters, enemies or bosses.
Site-logo.png Referral Program
Recruit new players and earn rewards.
   DEVoid Key.png Prime Access
Grant immediate access to new Prime items and exclusive Primed cosmetics. Primed items will still be farmable through Void Relics.


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