Baruuk is an upcoming Warframe announced during Devstream 119. Baruuk is described as a "pacifist warframe" and "reluctant hero", someone who normally avoids combat but is extremely effective at it once pushed past his breaking point.


  • Edge: Baruuk's tolerance for violence wanes as his hand is forced by his foes. Edge is a unique resource utilized by Baruuk, gained through usage of his abilities and monitored through a resource meter displayed on the UI above the ability icons. Edge passively grants Baruuk damage reduction against incoming enemy attacks and serves to fuel his Savage ability effects. Edge also grants higher damage reduction percentages the more it is stacked.
  • Elude: Baruuk channels his energy to render his body into a state of flux, causing incoming enemy attacks to phase through him when approaching from a conical area in front of him. While active, damage from attacks that pass through the cone are completely negated, as Baruuk gains Edge the more attacks he evades.
  • Sedative: Baruuk laces the ground with sedating energy for a brief moment, forcing all enemies in the area and any who enter afterward to become drowsy. Drowsy enemies gradually slow in movement and attack speed until they fall asleep for a duration; while asleep, enemies succumb to melee finisher attacks from players with bonus damage added to the finisher attack. Each sedated enemy increases Edge for Baruuk.
  • Subdue: Baruuk summons a protective ring of levitating energy daggers around him that passively provide him with damage reduction per dagger inside the ring. When an enemy approaches Baruuk, a dagger launches from the ring to inflict damage and permanently Disarm the aggressor. When an ally is within range, Baruuk bestows a dagger to his ally to provide them the same protective effects.
    • Can be recast while active to restore amount of daggers to full.
    • Each enemy disarmed by Subdue grants Edge to Baruuk.
  • Savage: Baruuk foregoes the use of his weapons to empower his fists with volatile energies, allowing him to directly tap into his Edge pool and wield his fists as an exalted melee weapon that grants various effects, based on the melee combos performed. Forward melee combo thrusts Baruuk's fists toward his enemies to generate a powerful push that inflicts damage, stagger, and ragdoll effects. Block melee combo creates a suctioning pull to drag enemies toward Baruuk. Slide melee combo bends gravity around Baruuk to lift enemies into the air. Slam melee combo creates a radial blast that knocks back all enemies in range.


  • Baruuk's abilities are described to revolve around mitigating, suppressing and preventing damage until reaching a certain threshold, after which he switches to all-out offense.
    • Fanart created by Alice Boudry coincidentally depicts Baruuk deflecting attacks.
  • Baruuk design is inspired by Sudanese tribes.