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Beware the fury of the truly patient. Pushed beyond restraint, a reluctant master unleashes the storm within.

This is Baruuk, the reluctant warrior.

Following the path that winds between peace and hate, he maintains restraint before unleashing the storm within.

Release Date: December 18th, 2018

Virtuously guided by his noble discipline, the pacifist monk Baruuk invokes sacred runes to evade conflict and bring blissful calm to endless strife. Reach beyond the brink of his patience, for foes to seek eternal rest within the storm unleashed. Baruuk reached enlightenment in Update 24.2 (2018-12-18).


Baruuk's blueprints can be purchased from Little Duck, using Vox Solaris standing. The main blueprint requires players to be at Agent rank, while component blueprints require Hand rank. Each blueprint costs ReputationBlackx64.png 5,000 Standing, totaling to ReputationBlackx64.png 20,000.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 72 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 50
MarketIcon.png Market Price: Platinum64.png 325 Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price:ReputationBlackx64.png5,000
Baruuk Neuroptics Blueprint
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 50
Baruuk Chassis Blueprint
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 50
Baruuk Systems Blueprint
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 25



  • Baruuk was announced during Devstream 119.
  • Baruuk is described as a "pacifist Warframe" and "reluctant hero", someone who normally avoids combat but is extremely effective at it once pushed past his breaking point.
  • Baruuk's abilities are described to revolve around mitigating, suppressing and preventing damage until reaching a certain threshold, after which he switches to all-out offense.
    • Artwork created by Alice Boudry for Baruuk's reveal coincidentally depicts Baruuk deflecting attacks.
  • Baruuk's design is inspired by Sudanese tribes.
  • The word "בָּרוּךְ" (pronounced Bārûḵ) means "blessed" in Tiberian Hebrew. Baruuk is depicted in-game wearing an avnet ('priestly sash') around his waist and up to the base of his ribcage, which was worn only by the High Priest of Israel.
  • Baruuk is the 38th Warframe to be released (excluding Primed and Umbra variants).
  • Baruuk is the first Warframe whose blueprints are obtained from a syndicate, Vox Solaris, using standing.
    • As a result, unlike most other Warframes, acquisition of Baruuk's blueprints doesn't depend on random chance, similar to Warframes that can be acquired from Tenno Lab.
  • Baruuk's fourth ability, SereneStorm130xDark.png Serene Storm, is the first channeled ability, and DesertWind.png Desert Wind is the first Exalted Weapon, in the game that doesn't require energy, using his unique Restraint that eroded with his other three abilities.
    • Restraint can still be eroded normally while Serene Storm is active.
    • Desert Wind is the second melee Exalted Weapon with innate ranged attacks, the first being ExaltedBladeWeapon.png Exalted Blade.
  • Baruuk's Exalted Weapon had a placeholder name "Paci Fist" in the dev build.
  • When another Tenno is under the effects of both Baruuk's DesolateHands130xDark.png Desolate Hands and any kind of invisibility, orbs will appear in place of the daggers.
  • Unlike most of the Warframes, Baruuk was released with only his signature melee, Cobra&Crane.png Cobra & Crane.
    • As a pacifist, who is typically against taking offensive actions, this may explain why he doesn't have any signature firearms.
    • Baruuk is the first Warframe to have signature weapon synergy, since his release, before Update 24.6 (2019-04-04).
  • Baruuk is the second Warframe to use another type of ability resource besides energy, after NidusIcon272.png Nidus and later HildrynIcon272.png Hildryn and GaussIcon272.png Gauss. In Baruuk's case, he uses his restraint.

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BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk's tolerance for violence wanes as his hand is forced by his foes. Restraint is a resource unique to Baruuk that provides up to 50% damage resistance when the meter is completely depleted.

  • Restraint meter is displayed in the lower-right on the HUD, above the ability icons.
  • Restraint meter is initially filled, then gradually depletes when the following events occur throughout a mission:
    • Each attack evaded through Elude130xDark.png Elude erodes 1.2% from the meter.
    • Each enemy affected by Lull130xDark.png Lull erodes 0.8% from the meter.
    • Each enemy disarmed by DesolateHands130xDark.png Desolate Hands erodes 1.6% from the meter.
  • Damage resistance and erode amount are not affected by Mods.
  • Baruuk's fourth ability SereneStorm130xDark.png Serene Storm utilizes Restraint instead of Energy to cast and maintain. Using this ability refills Restraint meter by 4% on activation and by 0.8% per second until the ability is deactivated.
    • Restraint can still erode from using Baruuk's other abilities during this ability.


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Main article: Elude (edit)
EludeModx256.png Elude130xWhite.png
Dodge all incoming projectiles, but only while not attacking. Use again to deactivate this ability.

Energy Drain: 2.5 s-1

Range:120° / 130° / 150° / 180° (evasion angle)
Misc:0.2 s (reactive delay)
1.2% (Restraint erosion per attack dodged)

  • Baruuk enters a stance that causes incoming enemy projectiles and melee attacks to harmlessly phase through his body at angle of 120° / 130° / 150° / 180° relative to the direction Baruuk himself is facing (not the player's camera), but only while not attacking.
    • Evasion angle is affected by Ability Range.
    • Casting speed and deactivation speed are affected by Mod TT 20px.png Natural Talent and Mod TT 20px.png Speed Drift.
    • Attacking counts as any form of firing a weapon or during a melee animation. Charging a gun does not count as attacking but charging a melee does.
    • After attacking, there is an approximately 0.2 second delay before Elude reactivates. The delay will start once a gun has stopped being fired or after a melee animation is finished.
      • Detonating explosives which require a secondary input will not interrupt Elude; however, the initial act of throwing or firing them will.
  • Ability Synergy:
    • Baruuk's Restraint erodes by 1.2% per attack dodged.
    • While Elude is active, the seeking range of DesolateHands130xDark.png Desolate Hands daggers is doubled.
  • Elude consumes 2.5 energy per second while active and will remain active until Baruuk's energy is depleted, or the ability is deactivated by pressing the ability key again.
  • Baruuk's idle animation changes to a nonchalant-looking stance as his torso visibly vibrates constantly while Elude is active. Flowing Void energy waves emit from his upper body to visually represent the angle of evasion.
    • Evaded attacks cause transparent holes to briefly open at the contact spots on Baruuk's body, while a stream of energy particles move through at high speed as each hole closes.

Tips & Tricks
  • 360° dodge can be achieved with a minimum of 200% Ability Range.
  • Pairs well with weapons with a charge trigger type, since Baruuk doesn't take damage while charging the weapon until firing.

  • Expand/Collapse
    Main article: Lull (edit)
    LullModx256.png Lull130xWhite.png
    A calming wave slows enemies until they fall into a slumber. Enemies woken by damage will be confused and disoriented. Short-term amnesia means all waking enemies forget anything that happened before the lull.
    Duration:2 / 3 / 4 / 5 s (wave duration)
    10 / 13 / 18 / 20 s (sleep duration)
    Range:10 / 15 / 20 / 25 m
    Misc:0.80% (Restraint erosion per enemy lulled)
    100 % (alertness reset)
    Subsumable to Helminth

    • Baruuk casts a calming wave over an area of 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 meters that lingers for 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 seconds. Enemies in sight or aware of Baruuk's presence that enter the area will gradually slow and then fall asleep for 10 / 13 / 18 / 20 seconds. Sleeping enemies awaken early when damaged, suffering disorientation for a brief moment, along with amnesia causing their alertness level to reset.
    • Ability Synergy:
      • Baruuk's Restraint erodes by 0.80% for each enemy affected.
      • Damage dealt by DesolateHands130xDark.png Desolate Hands daggers does not awaken sleeping enemies.
    • Can be cast while airborne.
    • Cannot be recast while Lull field is active.
    • Casting Lull is a full-body animation that stops Baruuk's grounded movement and other actions.
    • Subsuming Baruuk to the Helminth will offer Lull and its augments to be used by other Warframes.

    Main article: Endless Lullaby

    Endless Lullaby is a Warframe Augment Mod for BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk's Lull130xDark.png Lull that causes finishers to re-trigger Lull for its remaining duration. Non-finishers made by Baruuk will also re-trigger Lull once every 3 seconds. This mod also passively increases Lull's duration.

    Rank Retrigger Duration Cost
    0 25% 6
    1 50% 7
    2 75% 8
    3 100% 9

    Tips & Tricks
    • Lowering duration allows Lull to be used more often, eroding Restraint more quickly.
    • Can be used in a choke point to cause enemies to slow down and sleep as they pass through.
    • As the ability resets aggression on enemies, it can be used to obtain easy stealth kills during mission.

    Main article: Desolate Hands (edit)
    DesolateHandsModx256.png DesolateHands130xWhite.png
    Desolate Hands
    Summon a bevy of orbiting daggers to seek out enemy guns, destroying them with a small explosion. Combine with Elude to double the range.
    Strength:100 / 150 / 200 / 250 (DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast damage)
    3 / 4 / 6 / 8 (number of charges)
    Range:6 m (seek range)
    3 m (explosion radius)
    Misc:1.6% (Restraint erosion per enemy disarmed)
    10% (damage reduction per dagger)
    90% (damage reduction cap)

    50% (dagger cap per ally)

    • Baruuk summons a protective ring of 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 levitating energy daggers around him that passively provide him with 10% damage reduction per dagger orbiting in the ring. The daggers will seek enemies in sight and within 6 meters, launching one by one to Disarm their targets on impact, then explode dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 DmgBlastSmall64.png Blast damage to all enemies within a 3 meter radius.
      • Damage and number of daggers are affected by Ability Strength.
        • Damage reduction percentage per dagger is not affected by Mods. The Arsenal lists the damage reduction with maximum daggers.
        • Damage reduction can not exceed 90% under any circumstance, capping out at 9 daggers.
        • Dagger damage is also affected by TheoremDemulcent64x.png Theorem Demulcent.
      • Seek and explosion range are affected by Ability Range.
      • Casting speed is affected by Mod TT 20px.png Natural Talent and Mod TT 20px.png Speed Drift.
      • Enemies that have already been disarmed will not be targeted by the daggers.
    • While at least 1 dagger is orbiting Baruuk, Desolate Hands shares its effects with allies by launching 1 dagger at a time to the nearest ally within Baruuk's dagger seek range and in direct line of sight. Shared daggers also provide damage reduction, disarm charges, and erodes Baruuk's Restraint on enemy disarm for the affected allies; each ally can carry up to 50% of the modded number of daggers.
      • Affected allies includes all Warframes, Companions, Eidolon Lures, summoned allied units such as Specters, allied Invasion units, Hostages, Kavor Defectors, Sortie and Arbitrations Defense Operatives, and Defense Objects.
        • On Defense Objects, the damage reduction is capped at 50%, but the object may still carry more than 5 daggers.
      • Baruuk does not lose his own dagger charges when shared with allies, instead his allies receive new daggers.
      • Once the maximum number of shared daggers is reached on an ally, Baruuk's Desolate Hands will not share new daggers with that ally.
      • Only Baruuk's own Desolate Hands will share new daggers to allies.
    • Ability Synergy:
      • Baruuk's Restraint erodes by ~1.6% per enemy disarmed by his own daggers and shared daggers on allies.
      • While Elude130xDark.png Elude is active, the daggers' seeking range is doubled.
      • Damage dealt by Desolate Hand's dagger explosion will not awaken sleeping enemies under Lull130xDark.png Lull's influence.
    • Can be recast while active to restore the number of daggers to full.
      • New instance of Desolate Hands will cause daggers to retarget previously disarmed enemies and allies with shared daggers if within range.
    • Casting Desolate Hands is a full-body animation that stops Baruuk's grounded movement and other actions.

    Tips & Tricks
  • Low range values can help prevent the daggers from seeking out enemies, making it easier to keep them for damage reduction.

  • Expand/Collapse
    Main article: Serene Storm (edit)
    SereneStormModx256.png SereneStorm130xWhite.png
    Serene Storm
    With his Restraint eroded, Baruuk commands the Desert Wind to deliver powerful radial strikes with his fists and feet. Each moment commanding the storm restores his Restraint.

    Restraint Restore on Activation: 4%
    Restraint Restore Channelling Cost: 0.80% s-1

    Strength:100 / 125 / 200 / 250 (DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact damage)
    10% / 15% /20% / 25% (damage reduction)
    Misc:40% (damage reduction cap)
    ? % (disarm chance on hit)
    100 % (wind wave projectile deflection)

    • Baruuk foregoes his restraints to empower his fists with volatile energies, commanding the DesertWind.png Desert Wind and wielding it as his melee Exalted Weapon. While Serene Storm is active, Baruuk also receives 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% damage reduction against enemy attacks.
      • Damage reduction is affected by Ability Strength up to a cap of 40%.
      • Damage reduction only applies when Desert Wind is the active weapon.
    • Rather than using energy, Baruuk regenerates his Restraint, recovering 4% Restraint on activation and then restores 0.80% Restraint per second.
      • Restraint restore is not affected by mods.
      • Baruuk can still erode his Restraint while Serene Storm is active by using his other abilities.
      • Baruuk does not need to have completely eroded his Restraint meter to use Serene Storm. He is free to activate it as long as he has 96% Restraint, and can deactivate it at any time to stop restoring his Restraint if he wishes.

  • Normal attacks will emit a wind wave in the direction of aim that travel 20 meters. Wind waves have the same base damage as the melee attacks that release them.
    • The wind waves and Serene Storm itself are considered separate entities and will both deal damage separately.
    • Wind waves will punch through and hit enemies and terrain regardless of thickness up to their maximum range.
    • Wave damage does not fall off with distance.
    • Wave range and flight speed are not affected by mods.
    • Enemies hit by the waves will suffer a stagger.
    • Enemy projectiles hit by the waves have a 100% chance to be redirected toward their originating direction.
  • Serene Storm comes installed with its own unique stance. Additional combos will be unlocked as Serene Storm increases in rank.
    • Forward melee combo thrusts Baruuk's fists toward his enemies to generate a powerful push that inflicts damage, stagger, and ragdoll effects.
    • Hold melee combo creates an upward draft that drifts forward and gradually lifts enemies high into the air.
    • Block melee combo creates a suctioning pull to drag enemies toward Baruuk.
    • Slide melee combo bends gravity around Baruuk to radially lift all nearby enemies into the air.
    • Slam melee combo creates a radial blast that knocks back all enemies in range.
    • Slam melee combo while blocking creates a radial vortex that pulls in all enemies in range.
  • Any hits made directly by the impact of Baruuk's fist or the waves of energy caused by Desert Wind, have a chance to permanently Disarm the enemy.
  • Weapon
    Main article: Desert Wind

    Desert Wind is BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk's signature Exalted Weapon, which can only be used upon activating the SereneStorm130xDark.png Serene Storm. The weapon exclusively uses the Serene Storm stance.

    Main article: Serene Storm (Stance)

    Serene Storm is a unique Stance exclusive to DesertWind.png Desert Wind that can only be acquired and used by activating BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk's fourth ability, SereneStorm130xDark.png Serene Storm. This Stance overrides the Stance on any currently equipped melee weapon for as long as Serene Storm remains active.

    Main article: Reactive Storm

    Reactive Storm is a Warframe Augment Mod for BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk's SereneStorm130xDark.png Serene Storm to increase DesertWind.png Desert Wind's base status chance and alters its damage type to match enemy weaknesses.

    Rank Status Chance Cost
    0 100% 6
    1 150% 7
    2 200% 8
    3 250% 9


    Strength Mods


    Duration Mods


    Range Mods


    Elude130xWhite.png Elude130xWhite.png
    Lull130xWhite.png Lull130xWhite.png
    DesolateHands130xWhite.png DesolateHands130xWhite.png

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    BaruukIcon272.png Baruuk can be equipped with the following items:



    See Also

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    Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

    • Fixed Lull not refreshing on normal kills when Client activates Baruuk's Lull ability with the Endless Lullaby equipped.

    Update 30.9 (2021-11-11)

    • Fixed the Tenet Agendus’ shield appearing partially upside down when equipped with Baruuk.

    Update 29.7 (2021-02-01)

    • Fixed Baruuk’s Desolate Hands dagger projectile sounds becoming repetitious over time.

    Update 28.1 (2020-07-08)

    Xoris Interaction Changes

    Certain Warframe Abilities and Exalted weapons will now reset the Melee Combo Counter only if the Xoris is being used. The overwhelming Damage output of certain Warframe Abilities was not our intention with an infinite Melee Combo weapon, and the conversation of ‘Xoris or you’re doing it wrong’ is greatly restrictive in terms of player choice.

    Warframe Abilities / Exalted Warframe weapons affected by this are:

    • Baruuk Serene Storm

    The full breakdown can be read here.

    Hotfix 27.5.6 (2020-05-26)

    • Fixed Baruuk’s Desolate Hands daggers not fully working with your Companion.

    Hotfix 27.5.5 (2020-05-21)

    • Fixed a script crash that could occur on Clients if a dagger from Baruuk's Desolate Hands tried to fire at an enemy that was killed immediately.

    Hotfix 27.5.4 (2020-05-20)

    • Baruuk’s Desolate Hands will no longer consume a charge from Baruuk when sharing with Allies.
    • Fixed inability to target Baruuk’s Desolate Hands on Defendable objects.

    Hotfix 27.3.16 (2020-04-22)

    • Fixed a script error when loading into a mission and casting Baruuks Lull ability.

    Hotfix (2020-04-17)

    • Fixed a script error with Baruuk's Lull ability when used with Railjack Ability Kinesis.

    Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

    • Armor Change:
      • Baruuk: 150 to 175
      • Why: The conversation surrounding Arcane Guardian led to a significant review of Armor stats on Warfarmes. The Majority of Warframes received an increase in the Armor stat to increase survivability. Compounded with Shield Gating and the numerous other changes covered, we expect a much more fair feeling playing field for all Warframes.

    Hotfix (2020-02-04)

    • Fixed Baruuk’s Reactive Storm Augment resetting the Status Chance back to non-Augmented values after a direct punch to someone.

    Update 27.1 (2020-02-04)

    Update 25.7 (2019-08-29)

    • Fixed Baruuk taking much longer to deploy Spectres.
    • Fixed Baruuk’s Meroe helmet tassel sometimes disappearing when viewing his diorama at certain angles.

    Hotfix 25.2.3 (2019-06-25)

    • Fixed Baruuk’s Desolate Hands charge indicator not updating for Clients after Transferring to the Operator.

    Update 24.6 (2019-04-04)

    • Restored ability to have Baruuk's Desert Wind slam pull enemies instead of pushing them by holding block/aim key.

    Update 24.4 (2019-03-08)

    • Melee combo damage multiplier now affects Baruuk Desert Wind waves.

    Hotfix 24.2.8 (2019-01-15)

    • Baruuk’s Elude conal indicator FX will now only be seen by the local player (person casting the ability).
    • Slight tweak to Baruuk’s Elude ability FX that unnecessarily pulsed.
    • Fixed using Transference while Baruuk’s Savagery is active resulting in breaking his custom UI.

    Hotfix 24.2.7 (2018-01-09)

    • Baruuk’s end of Elude animation no longer prevents movement.
    • Improvements towards performance/visual issues with Baruuk's Elude ability by removing the blur FX if using the ‘Low Particle Quality’ setting based on feedback: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1048903-warning-baruuk-causes-epileptic-attacks/
    • Reduced the FX density of Baruuk’s Lull fog to fix reported performance issues.
    • Fixed Baruuk’s Desert Wind weapon displaying as having Impact, Puncture, and Slash in the Arsenal when it's just Impact.
    • Fixed Baruuk’s Serene Storm Desert Wind waves not hitting ragdolled enemies.
    • Fixed Baruuk’s Serene Storm Desert Wind waves not matching FX direction.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Serene Storm ability.
    • Fixed a script error when casting Baruuk’s Desolate Hands ability.

    Hotfix 24.2.5 (2018-12-20)

    • Animals will be less stressed the closer you are to them when casting Baruuk’s Lull ability.

    Hotfix 24.2.3 (2018-12-19)

    • Fixed a script error that could occur if you died and revived shortly after casting Baruuk's Lull, resulting in affected enemies being permanently asleep.

    Hotfix 24.2.2 (2018-12-18)

    • Fixed inability to edit the Baruuk Mandala Decoration after placing it.
    • Fixed Baruuk’s [PH] NOT EDGY ENOUGH UI text.

    Update 24.2 (2018-12-18)

    • Introduced.

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