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Baro Ki'Teer can home in on Inaros Prime anywhere in the Void. Ideal for following the God King to riches!

—In-game description

The Baro Void-Signal is a one-time use Key item, which unlocks a special mission node in the Void called "Void Raider". Baro Ki'Teer sells it for PrimeBucks100 and Credits6425,000 only for InarosPrimeIcon272 Inaros Prime.

The mission, which can also only be accessed with Inaros Prime, is a 10 wave Defense against level 20-30 Grineer Nightwatch Corps enemies with Baro Ki'Teer as the defense objective, similar to Operatives. Unlike Operatives, Baro is armed with an DEAklex Aklex and cannot be given a weapon, and has higher health at the cost of not being able to enter bleedout, causing the mission to fail instantly if his health reaches 0.

The mission rewards a guaranteed Desert Skate Specter and one reward in this order (tracked separately for each player): Elixis Latron Shoulder PlateElixis Latron Leg Plate SetElixis Latron Chest PlateInaros Sarcophagus Noggle and Inaros Osiris Helmet. Once a player has obtained all 5 rewards, they will only receive the Desert Skate Specter from subsequent completions.


  • The Void-Signal is only available in Baro's inventory once per visit (including his full TennoCon Relay offerings), thus additional copies can only be purchased every two weeks.
  • Only the player starting the mission will lose their key on mission completion.
  • The Elixis Latron armor pieces will drop even if they have been purchased previously from Baro himself, resulting in duplicates if already owned.


  • The mission name "Void Raider" is a pun on both "Tomb Raider" and "Void Trader".
  • While the item icon depicts Baro wielding DualCorpusMinigun Dual Cestras, he actually uses an DEAklex Aklex during the mission.

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