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“Market forces dictate that you need to evolve or die.”
Ballistica Prime is Vaulted.
The Void Relics for this item have been removed from the drop tables at this time and are no longer farmable. Vaulted Void Relics in player inventories are not affected and can still be opened.

The beauty of this luxuriously gilded crossbow cannot obscure its lethal purpose.

The Ballistica Prime is the Prime variant of the DEBallistica.png Ballistica, sporting higher damage, critical chance, critical multiplier, and status chance, larger magazine, and faster charge-up and reload speed. Unlike the standard Ballistica, the Ballistica Prime shoots four arrows simultaneously in a semi-automatic tight spread rather than a recoiling burst-fire spray, making it more accurate. Killing an enemy with a charged shot creates their ghosts that will fight alongside the weapon's user. It was released alongside Hydroid PrimeIcon272.png Hydroid Prime and PrimeNamiSkyla.png Nami Skyla Prime.


This weapon deals primarily DmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture damage.



  • Low DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact damage – less effective against shields.
  • Projectiles have travel time.
  • Consumes 4 ammo per shot regardless of charge-up unlike other members of the Ballistica family, resulting in an 8-shot magazine.
  • Slightly lower than average zoom.
  • Spawned ghosts will alert enemies, despite the weapon being silent.



Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi refer to Void Relics  |  (V) Denotes Vaulted Void Relics  |  (B) Denotes Baro Ki'Teer Exclusive Void Relic
Ballistica Prime's Relic Drops
String Lower Limb Upper Limb Blueprint Receiver
VoidRelicGoldIcon64.png Axi A4 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicBronzeIcon64.png Meso G1 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicBronzeIcon64.png Meso R1 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicGoldIcon64.png Axi K5 Common (V)
VoidRelicGoldIcon64.png Axi V6 Common (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith O1 Common (V)
VoidRelicBronzeIcon64.png Meso A1 Common (V)
VoidRelicBronzeIcon64.png Meso M3 Common (V)
VoidRelicSilverIcon64.png Neo B5 Common (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith T1 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith V5 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicBronzeIcon64.png Meso S8 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicSilverIcon64.png Neo N10 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith B2 Rare (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith B3 Rare (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith B5 Rare (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith B6 Rare (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith P2 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicBronzeIcon64.png Meso P1 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicSilverIcon64.png Neo H2 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicSilverIcon64.png Neo L1 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicSilverIcon64.png Neo S7 Uncommon (V)

Manufacturing Requirements
Upper Limb
Lower Limb
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 50
MarketIcon.png Market Price: Platinum64.png N/A Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price:N/A


  • On June 28, 2019, it was announced that Ballistica Prime would enter the Prime Vault and be retired from the reward tables on July 6, 2019. Any preexisting components or fully-built weapons will remain as is.


  • Unlike other members of the Ballistica family, the Ballstica Prime functions as a weapon with innate multishot rather than a burst-fire weapon.
  • Enemies killed by this weapon's charged shot will leave behind a ghost that will fight alongside the player similar to Specters.
    • If multiple enemies are killed with the same charged shot with Punch Through, they will all become ghosts.
  • Ghosts do not block bullets/projectiles, similar to MirageIcon272.png Mirage's HallOfMirrors130xDark.png Hall Of Mirrors.
  • Bursas, Juggernaut, and Stalker (except Shadow Stalker) will not leave a ghost.
  • Eximus enemies killed by a charged shot will become ghosts of their non-Eximus versions.
    • Due to a bug where scanning the Juno Fog, Nul, Sap and Slo Comba contributes to the Codex entries of their Eximus counterpart, this peculiarity is the only course of action for players to scan non-Eximus versions of these enemies.
  • A ghost of an enemy that spawns minions, such as Drahk Masters, Hyekka Masters, or Sniper Crewman, can spawn friendly minions but will expire along with the ghost that spawned them.
  • Ghosts are not created if the enemy is killed by a damage over time proc effect as DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash procs, even if the shot was a charged shot.
    • Ghosts can also not be created from said DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash procs to nearby enemies, even if it was a charged shot and even if it kills the nearby enemies. They also cannot be created from the explosions caused by MolecularPrime130xDark.png Molecular Prime, even if the weapon's kill shot explosion turns the original enemy into a ghost.



Ballistica Prime Skins Edit

Patch History[]

Hotfix 27.2.2 (2020-03-06)

  • Fixed the Ballistica Prime not having the new ‘Status’ calculations. It also has multiple fire iterations and are valid for large Status Chance like Shotguns received at their base to address the new Status logic.

Update 27.2 (2020-03-05)

Greater than 100% Status having meaning

Shotguns have a unique Role here based on a very patch-work history with how they interact with Status Chance. A Shotgun that shoots 99% Status Chance would give you 35% (roughly) status per pellet. 100% Status Gives you 100% Status per pellet. This huge jump in performance happens with just a 1% gain - why? Well, to answer that we have to look at our choice to make what the UI conveys reality. It would feel broken to shoot a Shotgun with 100% Status and not see a perfect spread of Effects. In reality, to make Status consistent we have to treat Shotguns as a special case.

Shotguns as a special case means we have buffed the Status Chance of all Shotguns by x3 or greater. The UI now behaves to show the reality that you are determining Status Chance per pellet.

Update 25.8 (2019-10-01)

October 2019 Riven Disposition Change
  • Ballistica: 1.05->1.1

Hotfix 25.0.7 (2019-05-30)

  • Fixed the Ballistica (Prime) Energy color persisting as default on the strings.

Update 22.12 (2018-02-09)

  • Mastery Rank increased from 7 to 14.
  • Fixed not being able to draw your bow while sprinting (you could always charge your bow while sprinting, but pinky-friendly sprint changes have made this more obvious).

Hotfix 22.8.1 (2017-12-22)

  • Fixed Ballistica Prime not creating proper ‘Ghost’ on Charged Attack kill.

Update 22.8 (2017-12-21)

  • Fixed animation issue when charging an arrow immediately after firing a shot using Bows.

Update 22.6 (2017-12-07)

  • Fixed the Ballistica Prime turning Executioners in Rathuum and Brokers in The Index into ghosts.

Hotfix 21.6.1 (2017-08-31)

  • Fixed instances of Ballistica Prime not properly spawning ghosts.
  • Fixed the color of the Prime Ballistica ghosts flickering for Clients.
  • Fixed Ballistica Prime not unfolding correctly if no primary is equipped.

Update 21.6 (2017-08-29)

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Update 25.3 (2019-07-06)

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