With one mistake, the spreadsheet of my life tallies to a net ill. I have loosed a whirlwind upon the System - all life exposed beneath its mad and furious gaze.

A dead thing furious at death. A lost thing that would steal meaning from all life. An ancient doom, and I have welcomed it in.
—Bak Vondu
Bak Vondu - fiber jockey. If I know my Corpus script, this one had serious technical chops.

Bak Vondu is a Corpus Tech Crewman introduced in Nightwave: Series 3 - The Glassmaker. He was the one responsible for unleashing the Glassmaker, and later became a victim of his vigilante actions.


Vondu was a fiber jockey different from the other Corpus, rejecting the doctrine as he was "selfless", and assisting the Solaris United and even helping the debt-internment colony. At some point, he made a deal with an Ostron and ran a solo gig on a Corpus A-train loaded with expensive goods, unaware of the great danger lurking inside it. Vondu had with him everything needed to run the gig: his Helmet, his ID Badge, an Upmarket Brochure Pad, a Radiometrics Data Pad, and his personal journal, which had no cipher. In his personal journal, he expresses his deep regret at what he became, claiming he would disappoint his mother if she "saw him now". Despite that, he still ran the gig, but accidentally unleashed the ancient doom, the Glassmaker, into the Origin System, and was later vitrified by him.

The data logs of Cutter reveals that he used Bak Vondu to build a broadcasting device invented by Shigg to release the Glassmaker across the Origin System, which would then encrypted by Gral, before all of them were glassed by the Glassmaker.


  • Bak Vondu is named "Balu Vomdu" on his ID Badge, along with being assigned as a Shipping Protocols Manager instead of a fiber jockey.
  • The Upmarket Brochure clue appears to list several Corpus products for sale; the Coildrive listed for 3,500,000 credits, and three different personal aircrafts, listed for 750,000, 825,000, and an unknown amount less than 1,000,000.