Attention Tenno,

Our scouts have returned, and brought troubling reports with them. There is something coming Tenno... something big, and we need to prepare ourselves. I have marked several high-risk missions for you on the Solar Chart. These missions may be dangerous, but will also offer bountiful rewards. Venture out and claim these items of power. You will need them in the days to come.

- The Lotus.

The Back To School Special Alert Week is a week-long event that ran from September 8, 2014 to September 14, 2014, consisting of 24-hour Alert missions that gave special rewards upon completion including Mods and Resources not normally found in standard Alerts. Each day focused on a particular theme, determining the kind of rewards available.


Three 24-hour alerts per day will go up every 2PM EDT, offering a different set of rewards depending on the day. All of these alerts take place within the inner Planets, which are Mercury, Venus, and Earth, allowing even low-ranking players to participate.

Monday, September 8: Kubrow ate my homework!

Tuesday, September 9: Engineers are a student's best friend!

Wednesday, September 10: Homework is a Nightmare!

Thursday, September 11: Don't let friends Corrupt you!

Friday, September 12: Schoolyard Stancefights!

Saturday, September 13: Cite your Resources in MLA format!

Sunday, September 14: Weekend almost over!