The Axi F2 Relic contains the following Prime components and blueprints:

Component Ducat Value Rarity (Chance)
MasseterPrime Masseter Prime Handle OrokinDucats 15 Common
RevenantPrime Revenant Prime Chassis Blueprint OrokinDucats 15
BroncoPrime Bronco Prime Receiver OrokinDucats 15
WispPrime Wisp Prime Neuroptics Blueprint OrokinDucats 45 Uncommon
VeloxPrime Velox Prime Blueprint OrokinDucats 45
FulminPrime Fulmin Prime Receiver OrokinDucats 100 Rare (2%)
Intact Exceptional Flawless Radiant

Mission Drop Locations

Mission Type Source Rotations Chances Star Chart Nodes
Disruption Lua Disruption B 14.29%
Interception Tier 3 Interception B, C 14.29%, 14.29%
Survival Tier 4 Dark Sector Survival C 12.5%
Disruption Lua Disruption C 12.42%
Conjunction Survival Tier 1 Conjunction Survival C 11.34%
Interception Tier 4 Void Interception C 11.13%
Survival Tier 4 Void Survival C 11.13%
Survival Orokin Derelict Survival C 11.06%
Survival Tier 3 Dark Sector Survival C 11.06%
Defense Tier 3 Defense C 11.06%
Excavation Tier 3 Excavation C 11.06%
Survival Tier 3 Survival C 11.06%
Disruption Sedna Disruption C 10.2%
Disruption Deimos Entrati Disruption C 10%
Defection Tier 3 Defection C 10%
Spy Veil Proxima Spy B 10%
Interception Archwing Interception C 9.68%
Survival Kuva Fortress Survival C 8%
Mirror Defense Mirror Defense C 7.9%
Infested Salvage Infested Salvage B 6.67%
Defense Tier 3 Defense B 6.67%
Mobile Defense Tier 4 Void Mobile Defense A 6.25%
Sabotage Tier 4 Void Sabotage A 6.25%
Conjunction Survival Tier 2 Conjunction Survival C 6.12%
Defense Veil Proxima Defense B 5.71%
Survival Veil Proxima Survival B 5.71%
Disruption Jupiter Disruption C 5%
Orphix Veil Proxima Orphix B 4.55%
Arcana Isolation Vault Bounty Arcana Isolation Vault Bounty Lvl 50-60 Final Stage A, B 3%, 3%
Defense Tier 3 Void Defense C 2.82%
Void Storm Veil Proxima Void Storm A 2.5%

See in-game World State Window in Railjack Proxima Star Chart

Exterminate Veil Proxima Exterminate A 2.41%
Volatile Veil Proxima Volatile A 2.41%
Sanctuary Onslaught Elite Sanctuary Onslaught C 2.01%
Isolation Vault Bounty Isolation Vault Lvl 50-60 A, B 1.5%, 1.5%
Plague Star Plague Star Bounty Final Stage A 0.67%
Plague Star Plague Star Bounty Stages 2 & 3 A 0.58%

Other Sources

Unvaulted/Available Relics
(8 relics)
(8 relics)
(8 relics)
(9 relics)
(4 relics)