The Axi A18 Relic contains the following Prime components and blueprints:

Component Ducat Value Rarity (Chance)
Cobra&CranePrime Cobra & Crane Prime Hilt OrokinDucats 15 Common
Forma Forma Blueprint OrokinDucats 0
ParisPrime Paris Prime Lower Limb OrokinDucats 15
HildrynPrime Hildryn Prime Chassis Blueprint OrokinDucats 45 Uncommon
AkbroncoPrime Akbronco Prime Link OrokinDucats 45
AcceltraPrime Acceltra Prime Stock OrokinDucats 100 Rare (2%)
Intact Exceptional Flawless Radiant

Mission Drop Locations

Mission Type Source Rotations Chances Star Chart Nodes
Disruption Lua Disruption B 14.29%
Profit-Taker Bounty Profit-Taker Orb Bounty Phase 4 A 14.29%
Interception Tier 3 Interception B, C 14.29%, 14.29%
Survival Tier 4 Dark Sector Survival C 12.5%
Disruption Lua Disruption C 12.42%
Conjunction Survival Tier 1 Conjunction Survival C 11.34%
Interception Tier 4 Void Interception C 11.13%
Survival Tier 4 Void Survival C 11.13%
Survival Orokin Derelict Survival C 11.06%
Survival Tier 3 Dark Sector Survival C 11.06%
Defense Tier 3 Defense C 11.06%
Excavation Tier 3 Excavation C 11.06%
Survival Tier 3 Survival C 11.06%
Disruption Sedna Disruption C 10.2%
Disruption Deimos Entrati Disruption C 10%
Defection Tier 3 Defection C 10%
Spy Veil Proxima Spy B 10%
Interception Archwing Interception C 9.68%
Survival Kuva Fortress Survival C 8%
Mirror Defense Mirror Defense C 7.9%
Infested Salvage Infested Salvage B 6.67%
Defense Tier 3 Defense B 6.67%
Mobile Defense Tier 4 Void Mobile Defense A 6.25%
Sabotage Tier 4 Void Sabotage A 6.25%
Conjunction Survival Tier 2 Conjunction Survival C 6.12%
Disruption Jupiter Disruption C 5%
Orphix Veil Proxima Orphix A 4.76%
Defense Veil Proxima Defense A 4.29%
Survival Veil Proxima Survival A 4.29%
Defense Tier 3 Void Defense C 2.82%
Void Storm Veil Proxima Void Storm A 2.5%

See in-game World State Window in Railjack Proxima Star Chart

Exterminate Veil Proxima Exterminate A 2.41%
Volatile Veil Proxima Volatile A 2.41%
Sanctuary Onslaught Elite Sanctuary Onslaught C 2.01%
Plague Star Plague Star Bounty Stage 1 A 1.14%
Arcana Isolation Vault Bounty Arcana Isolation Vault Bounty Lvl 30-40 Final Stage A 1%
Plague Star Plague Star Bounty Final Stage A 0.67%
Plague Star Plague Star Bounty Stages 2 & 3 A 0.58%
Isolation Vault Bounty Isolation Vault Lvl 30-40 A 0.5%

Other Sources

Unvaulted/Available Relics
(8 relics)
(8 relics)
(8 relics)
(9 relics)
(4 relics)