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*Was obtainable from [[Ergo Glast]] in a [[relay]] for 75 during [[Operation: Ambulas Reborn|Animo Beacons]].
*Was obtainable from [[Ergo Glast]] in a [[relay]] for 75 [[Operation: Ambulas Reborn|Animo Beacons]].

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Aviator reduces damage taken while airborne.


Rank Effect Cost
0 -10% 4
1 -20% 5
2 -30% 6
3 -40% 7



  • This is an event-only mod that was rewarded to players who collected at least 50 Oxium during Operation Oxium Espionage.
    • It is to be noted that during the event, and before Hotfix 15.7.2, Oxium dropped in quantities of 1-2 instead of the current 7-12.
  • Zephyr was introduced shortly after the release of this mod, making it the first mod hinting at upcoming content.
  • Aviator was buffed and brought back as an event reward during Operation: Ambulas Reborn.


Patch History

Update 20.4

Update 11.9

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