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Auras are a type of Mod that provides a passive beneficial effect to the entire squad rather than the Warframe it is equipped on exclusively. If several players in a squad carry copies of the same Aura, the Auras' effects will stack additively. Additionally, Auras add to your total mod capacity (rather than deduct from it like regular mods), hence higher rank Aura mods are typically more desirable to maximize mod capacity for other mods without the need of Forma Forma.


Aura mech

An Aura slot with a Naramon Pol polarity, from top to bottom, without any Auras equipped, with an aura of the same polarity equipped (in this case, Mod TT 20px Energy Siphon) and an aura with a different polarity equipped (in this case, Mod TT 20px Steel Charge which has a Madurai Pol polarity)

Aura effects are map-wide, except specific auras that are explicitly limited on the effect within a player's range like Mod TT 20px Enemy Radar, Mod TT 20px Infested Impedance and Mod TT 20px Loot Detector.

Furthermore, equipping an Aura with a matching polarity increases mod capacity even more, specifically by double of the Aura's "drain" parameter (e.g. an Aura with a drain of 5 equipped in a matching polarity slot generates an additional mod capacity of 10). In a slot without a polarity, the capacity is the same as the listed drain, and in a slot of a different polarity, the additional capacity is 80% of listed drain, rounded down (e.g. a drain of 5 generates a capacity of 4, a drain of 9 generates a capacity of 7, and so on).

The Aura slot can be polarized, either (just as a regular mod slot) with a Forma Forma for a specific polarity, or with a special AuraForma Aura Forma to be universally compatible with any Aura Mod Polarity.

Aura Effectiveness[]

Aura Effectiveness is an upgrade that increases the effect of other players' Auras on the player themselves by a percent bonus. As of Update 32.0 (2022-09-07), it is only provided through Mod TT 20px Coaction Drift.

Aura Strength[]

Aura Strength is an upgrade that increases the effect of the player's Aura mod on other players in the squad by a percent bonus. As of Update 32.0 (2022-09-07), it is only provided through Mod TT 20px Coaction Drift.


Auras are primarily obtained as a Cred Offering, though some Auras are obtained as enemy drops, from The Silver Grove Specters, or as rewards from Arbitrations.

The following Auras are only dropped from Grove Specters:

Aura Mods[]

Name Description Polarity Rarity Subcategory
Mod TT 20px Aerodynamic Increases Aim Glide/Wall Latch duration
Reduces damage taken while Airborne
Vazarin Pol Rare None
Mod TT 20px Brief Respite Grants shields equal to a % of energy spent Zenurik Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Combat Discipline Allies gain Health on kill
Aura bearer loses Health on kill
Vazarin Pol Rare None
Mod TT 20px Corrosive Projection Reduces enemy armor Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Dead Eye Increases sniper rifle damage Madurai Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Dreamer's Bond Provides constant energy regeneration
Provides constant health regeneration
Any Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px EMP Aura Reduces IconCorpusOn Corpus enemies' accuracy Vazarin Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Empowered Blades Increases status chance and status damage of charged melee attacks Naramon Pol Rare None
Mod TT 20px Enemy Radar Pinpoints enemy locations on mini-map Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Energy Siphon Provides constant energy regeneration Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Growing Power Increases Ability Strength after status proc Madurai Pol Rare None
Mod TT 20px Holster Amp Increases weapon damage on weapon swap Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Infested Impedance Reduces speed of nearby Infestation w Infested units Vazarin Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Loot Detector Displays location of containers and resources on minimap and makes modifications visible through walls Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Mecha Empowered Increases damage against marked enemies Naramon Pol Rare Set Mod
Mod TT 20px Melee Guidance Reduces Melee Combo duration on self
Increases Melee Combo duration on allies
Madurai Pol Rare None
Mod TT 20px Physique Increases maximum health Vazarin Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Pistol Amp Increases secondary weapon damage Madurai Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Pistol Scavenger Increases ammo recovery for pistols Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Power Donation Increases allies' Ability Strength
Reduces player's Ability Strength
Madurai Pol Rare None
Mod TT 20px Ready Steel Increases Initial Combo Vazarin Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Rejuvenation Provides constant health regeneration Vazarin Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Rifle Amp Increases assault rifle damage Madurai Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Rifle Scavenger Increases ammo recovery for assault rifles Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Shepherd Increases Companion Armor and Health Vazarin Pol Rare None
Mod TT 20px Shield Disruption Reduces enemy shields Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Shotgun Amp Increases shotgun damage Madurai Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Shotgun Scavenger Increases ammo recovery for shotguns Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Sniper Scavenger Increases ammo recovery for sniper rifles Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Sprint Boost Increases sprinting speed Naramon Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Stand United Increases armor Vazarin Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Steel Charge Increases melee weapon damage Madurai Pol Uncommon None
Mod TT 20px Swift Momentum Increases Charge Attack speed
Increases Melee Combo duration
Madurai Pol Rare None
Mod TT 20px Toxin Resistance Reduces toxin damage Vazarin Pol Uncommon None

Default Aura Polarities[]

Polarity Frames
Madurai Pol AshIcon272 Ash, AtlasIcon272 Atlas, BansheeIcon272 Banshee, ChromaIcon272 Chroma, EmberIcon272 Ember, Excalibur PrimeIcon272 Excalibur Prime/Excalibur UmbraIcon272 Excalibur Umbra, GarudaIcon272 Garuda, MagIcon272 Mag, MesaIcon272 Mesa, NidusIcon272 Nidus, OberonIcon272 Oberon, RhinoIcon272 Rhino, SevagothShadow-Arsenal Sevagoth's Shadow, TitaniaIcon272 Titania, ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr, VoltIcon272 Volt, WukongIcon272 Wukong, YareliIcon272 Yareli
Vazarin Pol FrostIcon272 Frost, GaraIcon272 Gara, JadeIcon272 Jade, KhoraIcon272 Khora, QorvexIcon272 Qorvex, SarynIcon272 Saryn, TrinityIcon272 Trinity, VorunaIcon272 Voruna, ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr
Naramon Pol BaruukIcon272 Baruuk, CalibanIcon Caliban, EquinoxIcon272 Equinox, GaussIcon272 Gauss, GrendelIcon272 Grendel, GyreIcon272 Gyre, HarrowIcon272 Harrow, HildrynIcon272 Hildryn, HydroidIcon272 Hydroid, InarosIcon272 Inaros, IvaraIcon272 Ivara, LavosIcon272 Lavos, LimboIcon272 Limbo, LokiIcon272 Loki, MirageIcon272 Mirage, NezhaIcon272 Nezha, NovaIcon272 Nova, NyxIcon272 Nyx, RevenantIcon272 Revenant, VaubanIcon272 Vauban, WispIcon272 Wisp, XakuIcon272 Xaku
Any Pol DanteIcon272 Dante, JadeIcon272 Jade, ProteaIcon272 Protea
Zenurik Pol DagathIcon272 Dagath
(None) ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur, NekrosIcon272 Nekros, SevagothIcon272 Sevagoth

Unless otherwise noted, Prime frames share the same polarity as their non-Prime forms.


  • Teammates will not benefit from a player's aura during a mission if that player is dead.
  • The aura slot's polarity cannot be swapped with another slot's one.
  • Sometimes if a game is lagging, the aura effect may not occur or be delayed.



  • Aura Mod cards were converted from user's Artifacts as of Update 9.0 (2013-07-13), including additional copies if the user obtained more than one artifact before the update.
  • For a short time after Update 10.6 (2013-10-30), some Auras (as well as some mods) could have been acquired via transmutation.[1] This was due to a bug where all mods (including the unreleased ones) became obtainable through transmutation. This has been fixed, though some Auras (such as Mod TT 20px Dead Eye) have since been released. The list of retrieved auras can be found in Category: Retrieved Content.
  • ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur is the only frame to have variants with a different aura polarity; default Excalibur has no polarity while both Excalibur UmbraIcon272 Excalibur Umbra and Excalibur PrimeIcon272 Excalibur Prime have the Madurai polarity.
  • DanteIcon272 Dante, JadeIcon272 Jade and ProteaIcon272 Protea (ProteaPrimeIcon272 Prime) are the only Warframes with an innate Any Pol Universal polarity; all others can have their polarities changed to universal by use of an Aura Forma.
  • Jade is the first Warframe to possess two mod aura slots.
  • As of Update 31.2 (2022-03-16), Naramon Pol Naramon is the most common default aura with 22 unique frames, followed by Madurai Pol Madurai with 18.
  • Oddly enough, players can polarize Aura mod slots with the Unairu Pol Unairu polarity, despite there currently being no Aura mods with that polarity.
    • Similarly, players can also polarize mod slots belonging to non-melee weapons with said polarity as well.
    • For more flexibility it is possible to use an Aura Forma, which grants Any Pol as a universal polarity.

Patch History[]

Update 28.3 (2020-08-12)

  • Fixed Warframe Mod capacity percentage bar not showing the correct drain when a Universal Aura Slot is equipped with an Aura Mod.

Hotfix 25.7.6 (2019-09-18)
New Arbitration Rewards:
The following rewards have been added to the Arbitrations drop tables:
Stats shown at max rank*

  • New Aura Mods:
    • Aerodynamic: 6 seconds added to Aim Glide/Wall Latch time, decreases damage taken while Airborne by 24%*
    • Swift Momentum: 30% faster Charge Attack speed, 6 seconds added to Melee Combo time*
    • Shepherd: Increases Companion Armor by 180 and Companion Health by 300*
    • Combat Discipline: Allies gain 20 Health when they make a kill, but the aura bearer loses 10 Health when the bearer makes a kill.*
    • Melee Guidance: Reduces Melee Combo timer on Self by 6 seconds, increases Melee Combo timer for Allies by 12 seconds*

Hotfix 25.7.2 (2019-08-30)

  • Fixed Aura Mods not functioning.

Hotfix 25.2.3 (2019-06-25)

  • Fixed Aura Mods stacking twice while using Operator mode with Umbra.

Update 24.8 (2019-04-24)

Arbitrations ‘Iteration 1’ Changes

A new Arbitrations reward has been added: The elusive Aura Forma Blueprint! Craft an Aura Forma to modify an Aura slot on a Warframe to be compatible with any Mod Polarity.

Update 15.1 (2014-11-05)

  • The aura slot's polarity can no longer be swapped with another slot's one.

Hotfix 9.1.4 (2013-07-16)

  • Aura mods now *boost* your mod capacity rather than drain it.

Update 9.0 (2013-07-13)

  • Aura mod system is here! The Artifacts system has transformed into a new system and has merged with the Arsenal UI. The new “Auras” can be fused just like mods, and they have their own slot! Auras are powerful, but also come at a cost to equip.

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