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A heavily modified model of Denial Bursas, designed for the secure transferral of offline funds. This armoured robot protects the financial interests of Anyo Corp.

Auditor is one of the many Brokers that the player may encounter while participating in The Index, serving as a modified Denial Bursa from the Bursa line of Corpus Walkers. Unlike their base design, the Auditor trades its slowing orbs, blinding beam and Plasma Rifle for the ranged alternative of its Rippling Shockwave, a deployable frontal shield and the ability to deploy laser barriers throughout the map.


  • Auditor has an innate 40% Damage Reduction, separate from armor.
  • While facing an enemy, Auditor gains another 50% damage reduction
    • Stacks multiplicatively with its innate 40% damage reduction for a total of 70% damage reduction.
  • Auditor can deploy itself into a shield configuration usually after it deploys its Laser Barricade ability, it will block most, if not all damage in a frontal 135-degree cone and will become immobile, facing the direction it had last taken damage from.
    • This can be troublesome for Tenno if the Auditor takes cover within a corner or next to an angled wall.
    • The Auditor will pack up after several seconds if there are no valid targets in sight or if they collect an index point.
  • Auditor's signature ability, Laser Barricade, can only be used within select areas of the map and is not applied globally. Sometimes, depending on its behavior and spawn, it will not use it throughout the course of The Index.
    • This renders the ability useless when the Auditor is in the open or isolated from doorways.
    • Auditor's Laser Barricade deals significant DmgMagneticSmall64.png Magnetic damage, as well as the proc.
  • Auditor's Laser Barricades are visibly the same as the regular Laser Barriers found within Corpus missions. However, they are wider and are lined vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Unlike its base model counterparts, the Auditor will not give a limited window of time for Tenno to hack its exposed back panel, it will; however, play the opening animation to such before exploding harmlessly.


Patch History[]

Hotfix: The Index Preview 4 (2016-10-25)

  • Reduced the damage reduction by half on the Robotic Technology Division enemies in exchange for slightly toning down their Weakspot damage multipliers in The Index.