Attack Speed is the rate of a melee weapon's strikes. It is derived from three attributes: 

  1. The attack animation for the given weapon class
  2. The weapon's listed attack speed modifier
  3. Increases to attack speed from mods

Each general weapon type follows a standard attack animation which controls baseline striking speed. The polearm type has a slower standard attack animation than the sword type, for example. Specific weapons (such as the Cronus Cronus of the sword type) each have their own base attack speed modifier which alters the rate of the attack animation. An attack speed of 1.0 runs its attacks at default speed. An attack speed of 1.2 executes 20% faster, while a speed of 0.8 runs 20% slower. Attack speed is then further increased (or decreased) by attack speed mods and ability buffs, giving us the following basic equation:

Effective attack speed = standard attack animation × base attack speed × (100% + bonus attack speed)

Note that certain effects can further change attack speed in special ways. The Mod TT 20pxBerserker mod, for example, multiplies the total attack speed value rather than adding to attack speed from mods.

Recall that attack animations vary between weapon types. Despite the DEFragor Fragor (Hammer) and KarystDagger Karyst (Dagger) both having listed speeds of 0.8, the Karyst's actual speed is faster than the Fragor's due to daggers having a faster attack animation.

Faster attack speeds enhance a melee weapon's overall damage potential and utility by:

  • producing more strikes
  • quickening the melee Combo Counter and its damage multiplier
  • giving more chances for Status Effect procs
  • hastening stance attacks which knock back or disable the target

Changes in attack speed apply to finishers, as well as the animation of charge attacks but not the actual charge time. However, weapons with ranged charge mechanics such as the DEGlaive Glaive and TnoGunblade Redeemer are affected, with faster speeds allowing for faster charge times.

Attack Speed ModsEdit

The following Mods affect Attack Speed positively, increasing a Melee Weapon's rate of attack:

FuryModU145 PrimedFury BerserkerModU145 GladiatorViceMod QuickeningModU145 Furor
Mod TT 20pxFury Mod TT 20pxPrimed Fury Mod TT 20pxBerserker Mod TT 20pxGladiator Vice Mod TT 20pxQuickening Mod TT 20pxFuror

The following Mods affect Attack Speed negatively, reducing rate of attack:

Mod TT 20pxSpoiled Strike

Attack Speed PowersEdit

The following powers affect Attack Speed positively, increasing a Melee Weapon's rate of attack:




(VoltIcon272 Volt) Speed130xDark Speed: Increases Warframe Movement Speed, Reload Speed and Melee Attack Speed. (ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr) Warcry130xDark Warcry: Increases Warframe Armor and Melee Attack Speed. (HarrowIcon272 Harrow) Penance130xDark Penance: Increases Ranged Fire Rate, Reload Speed and Melee Attack Speed.

Maximum Possible Attack SpeedEdit

NOTE: The following is very outdated.

This amounts to a maximum possible bonus of:

  • ~11.88x (1188%) for the average Warframe
  • ~11.97x (1197%) for the Fragor
  • ~12.07x (1207%) for Excalibur
  • ~12.17x (1217%) for the Lesion

Other Attack Speed ModifiersEdit

See AlsoEdit

  • Fire Rate, the equivalent game mechanic for ranged weapons.
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