• Trinity performing Morning Sun.
  • Trinity performing Midnight Cloud.
  • Trinity performing Falling Star.
  • Trinity performing Rising Moon.

Astral Twilight is a stance mod for Glaive-type weapons, featuring highly mobile spins and sweeping slashes.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity

Combos Edit

Combo Name Button Combination
Morning Sun BlackBasex641x 200%1x 300%  BlackBasex642x300% BlackBasex643x200%BlueBasex64Knockdown b1x 100%1x 200%1x 200% Knockdown b
Midnight Cloud* BlackUpx64( BlackBasex64BlackBasex64BlackBasex642xPurpleBasex64Lifted b200%)
Falling Star* (BlackUpx64+  BlackBlockx64)( PurpleBasex64Impact b4xBlackBasex642x200%BlueBasex64Impact b2x200%)
Rising Moon* BlackBlockx64( PurpleBasex64Lifted bSlash b1x 200% Lifted b1x 200%1x 300% Slash b  PurpleBasex64Slash b1x 200%1x 100%1x 200% Slash b  BlackBasex64Knockdown b400%)
Falling Star  BlackChargex64500%

Pirouette Slide + BlueBasex64Impact b200%

Auger In Air + BlueBasex64Knockdown b2x300%BlueBasex64Knockdown b2x300%BlueBasex64Knockdown b2x300%

Through Strike Wall Dash + BlackBasex64300%

Nemesis Knocked Down Enemy + PurpleBasex64Slash b250%
BlueBasex64 360° Attack  RedBasex64 Slam Attack  PurpleBasex64 Proc

 Melee Attacks

BlackBasex64   Melee  
BlackBlockx64   Block  
BlackUpx64   Forward  
BlackChargex64 Heavy Attack  
BlackPausex64   Pause  

 Multipliers and Hits

BlackBasex64200%   Attack does double damage  
BlackBasex642x   Attack hits twice  

 Exclusive Procs

Knockdown b   Knockdown  
Ragdoll b   Ragdoll  
Lifted b   Lifted  
Finisher b   Ground Finisher  


  • Astral Twilight was initially offered as a reward from completing the Overtake Tactical Alert, which was active from January 22, 2015 to January 26, 2015.
  • It can be dropped as a Rathuum reward or from the Lua Spy mission reward.
  • Dropped by Denial Bursas, Mimics, and Kuva Jesters.
  • Astral Twilight is also offered as a periodic item for sale by Baro Ki'Teer, costing PrimeBucks385 and Credits64175,000 to purchase.



  • The existence of this mod was leaked in Update 15.0, when it made appearances in the loading screen and the Codex. It was also available from mod packs and transmutation for a short time before it was patched in Hotfix 15.5.2. Astral Twilight was formally introduced in Update 15.11.
  • This was the first Stance mod that did not drop from enemy units, but instead rewarded from a Tactical Alert.

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