Assassination contracts mark high priority targets around the system. Hunt down and eliminate these enemies, then head to extraction.

—In-Game Description

Assassination is a Mission type that tasks the Tenno to seek and eliminate a unique enemy boss and then return to extraction.


Target Planet Name Level Rewards Tile Set
Phorid sigil b Invasion Phorid Alert 0 - 0 Nyx Grineer Asteroid
Jackal sigil b Venus Fossa 6 - 8 Rhino Corpus Ship
CaptainVor sigil b Mercury Tolstoj 8 - 10 Cronus & Seer Grineer Asteroid
LechKril sigil b Mars War 11 - 13 Excalibur Grineer Settlement
NefAnyo sigil b Phobos Iliad 13 - 15 Mag Corpus Ship
Vor Krill Icon Ceres Exta 14 - 16 Frost, Miter, & Twin Gremlins Grineer Shipyard
AladV sigil b Jupiter Themisto 18 - 20 Valkyr Corpus Gas City
Lephantis sigil b Deimos Magnacidium 20 - 25 Nekros Orokin Derelict
VeyHek sigil b Earth Oro 20 - 25 Hydroid Grineer Forest
Raptor sigil b Europa Naamah 21 - 23 Nova Corpus Ice Planet
SargusRuk sigil b Saturn Tethys 24 - 26 Ember Grineer Galleon
TylRegor sigil b Uranus Titania 27 - 29 Equinox Grineer Sealab
HyenaPack sigil b Neptune Psamathe 30 - 32 Loki Corpus Ship
ZealoidPrelate Deimos Exequias 30 - 35 Pathocyst Orokin Derelict
InfestedAladV2 Eris Mutalist Alad V Assassinate 30 - 35 Mesa Infested Ship
J3Golem Eris Jordas Golem Assassinate 32 - 34 Atlas Infested Ship
KelaDeThaym sigil b Sedna Merrow 35 - 40 Saryn & Twin Kohmak Grineer Asteroid
Ambulas sigil b Pluto Hades 35 - 45 Trinity Corpus Outpost
Ropalolyst Jupiter The Ropalolyst 40 - 40 Wisp Corpus Gas City


  • Each boss often has a higher chance to drop rare resources. They also guarantee Warframe blueprint parts, and may also yield weapon parts and/or blueprints.
  • Completing the objective of an Assassination mission has a chance to place a Death Mark on the Tenno, which in turn gives a chance to face certain random bosses.


  • Though the Lotus will sometimes tell the player not to let the assassination target escape, none of the bosses will attempt to flee.


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