Arena is a game mode in which players must defeat special enemies in modified Conclave maps until a certain number of opponents has been defeated. Tenno do not need to extract and the mission will only end with their victory or defeat.


Upon spawning, Companions and gear are automatically unequipped, and the mission is played similarly to a Team Annihilation, with respawn timers, and Energy, Health, and Ammo restores scattered around the map. Unlike the Conclave however, Warframes and Weapons keep their Mods and players square off against the AI instead of other players. There are currently two Arena variants listed below, each with their own set of rules and victory conditions.


Grineer Rathuum[]


Rathuum is a trial by combat, set on Sedna, where a squad of Tenno takes on Kela De Thaym's Executioners in a broadcast slaughter watched across the entire Grineer Empire. The Executioners will always outnumber the squad of Tenno with additional enemies joining the fight with each Tenno joining the Squad. Additionally, a random modifier, typically in favor of the Executioners, will be applied before the mission starts.

Corpus Index[]


The Index is an investment game hosted by Nef Anyo and Cephalon Sark on Neptune. Tenno must bet Credits and collect more Indexes than the opposing team of Brokers to win. Unlike Rathuum, the match will always be 4 v 4, with Tenno Specters appearing if other players are absent.


There are 5 Conclave maps for Arena: 3 for Rathuum and 2 for The Index.


  • For Codex completionists, opponents faced in the Arena will be automatically scanned when they spawn, alleviating the need to use workarounds such as the Heliocor Heliocor.
    • However, this does not apply to anything your opponents may summon (such as Executioner Reth's Reth Rollers, or Ved Xol's Nemes), or The Index's John Prodman (who does not have a visible Codex entry as of this writing, so it is unknown if he is even scanned to begin with).