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Area of Effects (or AoE for short) is a term used to describe sources that affect a defined zone around a point of contact as opposed to "single target" effects.

In the context of WARFRAME's weapons, players usually use the the term "AoE" for ranged damage effects that damage multiple enemies within a set radius, usually having a spherical hitbox. While melee weapons are technically "AoE" due to their hitbox being in a oblong shape and having radial slam attacks, players do not typically call melees "AoE weapons" unless they have a damage component with a spherical hitbox.


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Damage Falloff[]

Main article: Damage Falloff

Most AoEs will linearly deal less damage the farther their target is from the epicenter of the AoE. This behavior is called Damage Falloff.


AoEs can be categorized by the shape of their zones. For example:

  • Sphere
  • Cylinder
  • Cone

Increasing AoE Radius[]

Decreasing AoE Radius[]

Patch History[]