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—Archimedean Yonta

Archimedean Yonta is the Archimedean of The Holdfasts. She trades Standing, Decorations, and Kuva.png Kuva for Voidplumes. She is located by the entrance to the elevator room on the left-side of the Chrysalith.


Archimedean Yonta takes in Voidplumes for Holdfasts standing. She also takes VoidplumePinion.png Voidplume Pinions in exchange for Orbiter Decorations and Kuva.png Kuva.

Trade-In Standing gained
VoidplumePinion.png Voidplume Pinion 5,000
VoidplumeQuill.png Voidplume Quill 2,500
VoidplumeCrest.png Voidplume Crest 2,000
VoidplumeVane.png Voidplume Vane 1,000
VoidplumeDown.png Voidplume Down 500
UniversalMedallion.png Universal Medallion 1,000
Always available
Once per week



Yonta is the person who approved, albeit hand-tied by the IconOrokinOn.png Orokin Seven, a long void jump that led to the Void Jump accident.

She was one of the few adults on the Zariman who wasn't driven insane by Void exposure before her death. She instead committed suicide, awarding herself with the undeserved honor of the Jade Light.


  • At times while interacting with Yonta, she will comment that "there's a version of [her] that stayed behind on Lua," and that she "hate[s] her."
    • This references Eternalism, potentially showing that Yonta regrets leaving Origin System on the Zariman, and is jealous of the version of herself that decided against it.
  • As an Archimedean, Yonta knows many other Archimedeans. She mentions them by names and wonder where currently they are.
    • Among those names is Archimedean Suda.
  • Yonta has unknowingly seen The Man in the Wall, as a grinning doppelganger of herself, in the corner of her eyes when she was in the Reliquary Drive chamber, and she hates being there because of it.
  • Yonta mentions spotting things in the Deep Void, most likely the Tubificid.
  • Yonta suggested that she had found a way for the Zariman Ten Zero to perform a long void jump and can still reach Tau System safely, provided there is another chance to do so.