Arcane Ultimatum is an Arcane Enhancement that, upon performing a melee finisher, provides a chance to increase Warframe Armor for a short time.

Can be sold for Credits641,000.


Rank Chance Effect Duration
0 25% 150 5 sec
1 50% 300 10 sec
2 75% 450 15 sec
3 100% 600 20 sec


  • Capturing the Eidolon Gantulyst grants a 5.29% chance to get an ArcaneUltimatum64x Arcane Ultimatum, killing it will not yield this arcane.


  • The additional armor is unaffected by mods. For example, a ChromaIcon272 Chroma with a max rank Mod TT 20pxSteel Fiber, and an active rank-3 ArcaneUltimatum64x Arcane Ultimatum will have an armor rating of:
    • Armor = Base Armor × (1 + Armor Mod) + Arcane Ultimatum
      • Armor = 350 × (1 + 1.1) + 600
        Armor = 1335
  • This arcane was originally dropped in The Jordas Verdict. Following Update 22.14, all Trial missions were retired from the game and the arcane drops in turn were moved to the Eidolons instead.

Patch History

Update 22.12
  • Armor applied is now an absolute amount (instead of relative) with a base value of 150 with a duration of 5 seconds at base rank.
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