Arcane Pulse is an Arcane Enhancement that provides a chance to replenish additional health for you and nearby allies whenever a Health Orb is picked up.

Can be sold for Credits64.png1,000.

Effect[edit | edit source]

Rank Chance Range Extra Health Cooldown
0 10% 10m 50 15s
1 20% 12m 100 15s
2 30% 15m 200 15s
3 40% 18m 300 15s
4 50% 20m 400 15s
5 60% 25m 500 15s


Awarded for capturing the Eidolon Gantulyst.

Operation: Scarlet Spear sold Arcane Pulse for Scarlet Credits2,000 Scarlet Credits.

Operation: Orphix Venom sold Arcane Pulse for Phasic Cells400 Phasic Cells.

Drop Chance Expected Nearly Guaranteed
Arcane 5.29% 18 – 19 captures 127 ± 42 captures

All drop rates data is obtained from DE's official droptables.

Expected refers to total number of attempts a player can expect to need in order to receive at least one of each drop associated with the respective values.
Nearly Guaranteed refers to the total number of attempts a player needs to obtain a 99%, 99.9%, and 99.99% probability to receive at least one of each drop associated with the respective values.

For more detailed definitions and information on how these number were obtained, visit here.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This enhancement synergizes with NekrosIcon272.pngNekros' Mod TT 20px.pngDespoil Augment, as it makes Desecrate130xDark.pngDesecrate use Nekros' health to cast instead of his energy. Coupled with the health orbs generated with Desecrate this allows Nekros to heal nearby allies as he replenishes his own health.
  • The extra health from Arcane Pulse is not considered as being from a health orb, and thus will not affect EquinoxIcon272.pngEquinox's passive or Mod TT 20px.pngEquilibrium.
  • Affected allies includes all Warframes, Companions, Eidolon Lures, summoned allied units such as Specters, allied Invasion units, Hostages, Kavor Defectors, Sortie and Arbitrations Defense Operatives, and Defense Objects.
  • This enhancement can also use Mod TT 20px.pngSynth Fiber, which allows health orbs to be picked up with any health value, to reliably proc the radial without needing to take damage.
  • Universal Orbs created by LavosIcon272.pngLavos's TransmutationProbe130xDark.pngTransmutation Probe can trigger this arcane.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This arcane was originally dropped in The Jordas Verdict. Following Update 22.14, all Trial missions were retired from the game and the arcane drops in turn were moved to the Eidolons instead.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Update 29.5

  • Updated Arcane Pulse’s description to include the heal amount and radius.

Update 16.0

  • Introduced.
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