Arcane Arachne is an Arcane Enhancement that increases the player's weapon damage for a period of time whenever they successfully wall latch for 2 seconds.

Can be sold for Credits641,000.


Rank Chance Effect Duration
0 100% 25% 5s
1 100% 50% 10s
2 100% 75% 15s
3 100% 100% 20s



  • The buff is additive to damage mods like Serration.
  • All weapons except Exalted Weapons, are affected by the damage buff.
  • The buff duration cannot be refreshed, and must be triggered again through a new wall latch, after it expires.


  • This Arcane was originally dropped in The Jordas Verdict. Following Update 22.14, all Trial missions were retired from the game and the Arcane drops, in turn, were moved to the Eidolons instead.
  • Prior to Update 24.2, Arcane Arachne damage multiplier could be stacked upon subsequent wall latches, allowing for a large damage increase on the next hit.

Patch History

Update 24.2
  • Arcane Arachne changed to: On Wall Latch for 2 seconds: 100% Weapon Damage for 20 seconds.

Update 22.0

  • Introduced
CosmeticEnhancer Arcanes
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