Note that rewards are on an AABBCC... rotation, as opposed to the AABC rotation used in normal missions. After the first four rotations, the Arbitration will continue on the C rotation endlessly.

Endo Endo x900 44% Endo Endo x1200 44.5% Endo Endo x1500 33%
Ayatan Ayr Sculpture 9% Ayatan Piv Sculpture 12% Ayatan Orta Sculpture 20%
Ayatan Sah Sculpture 9% Ayatan Vaya Sculpture 12% VitusEssence Vitus Essence x3 7%
Ayatan Valana Sculpture 9% VitusEssence Vitus Essence x3 7% ArcaneBladeCharger Arcane Blade Charger 5%
VitusEssence Vitus Essence x3 7% ArcaneBladeCharger Arcane Blade Charger 5% ArcanePistoleer Arcane Pistoleer 5%
ArcaneBodyguard Arcane Bodyguard 5% ArcaneBodyguard Arcane Bodyguard 5% ArcanePrimaryCharger Arcane Primary Charger 5%
ArcanePistoleer Arcane Pistoleer 5% ArcanePrimaryCharger Arcane Primary Charger 5% ArcaneTanker Arcane Tanker 5%
ArcaneTanker Arcane Tanker 5% Mod TT 20px Adaptation 2.5% Blueprint2 Seeding Step Ephemera Blueprint 5%
Mod TT 20px Adaptation 2% Mod TT 20px Combat Discipline 2.5% Blueprint2 Aura Forma Blueprint 4.5%
Mod TT 20px Aerodynamic 2% Mod TT 20px Shepherd 2.5% Mod TT 20px Combat Discipline 3.5%
Mod TT 20px Combat Discipline 2% Blueprint2 Aura Forma Blueprint 2% Mod TT 20px Melee Guidance 3.5%
Blueprint2 Aura Forma Blueprint 1% Mod TT 20px Swift Momentum 3.5%

Locations: See in-game World State Window, must complete all nodes on Star Chart

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