Arbitration Shield Drones are enemies exclusive to the Arbitrations deployed by Arbiters of Hexis to further challenge the Tenno undertaking the trial.


  • These drones are immune to all Warframe abilities and, similar to Shield Ospreys, can share this trait with enemies around them on top of full damage immunity, with a distinct magenta aura.
    • Enemies enveloped by the arbitration shield will not enter LimboIcon272 Limbo's rift even if they enter Cataclysm130xDark Cataclysm.
    • FrostIcon272 Frost's SnowGlobe130xDark Snow Globe and GaraIcon272 Gara's MassVitrify130xDark Mass Vitrify may still block bullets shot by enemies affected by the drone.
    • Strangely, Arbitration Drones and enemies shielded by it have an inconsistent interaction when physically blocked by MassVitrify130xDark Mass Vitrify. When an enemy tries to damage the player, the glass wall will consistently block their pathing. However, when an enemy has a secondary objective (such as capturing interception points), they can phase through.
  • Destroying the drones will trigger a powerful explosion that deals 3000 Blast b Blast damage to enemies in the area of the explosion.
    • The explosion damage seems to scale with enemy level and can easily deal more than 30.000 Blast b Blast damage per target at lvl 70 and above.
  • As of Hotfix 23.10.7, the Drones are exempt from the Ancient Healer's damage reduction aura.
    • Regardless of this, Swarm Mutalist MOA will still be able to buff the Armor of Arbitration Shield Drones. Since this buff scales with level, it can get very difficult in infested missions as soon as those Swarm Mutalist Moa start spawning.


  • Projectile launchers or weapons with large projectile hitboxes such as CrpShotgun Arca Plasmor are ideal for this task, as the drones are fairly small and move around quickly.
  • The death explosion of Arbitration Shield Drones can damage nearby Arbitration Drones. Use this to your advantage.

Ability Interaction

  • FrostIcon272 Frost
    • Freeze130xDark Freeze: Frozen enemies won't be freed from the effect by approaching drones.
    • Mod TT 20pxChilling Globe Augment: Frozen enemies won't be freed from the effect by approaching drones.
    • Avalanche130xDark Avalanche: Frozen enemies won't be freed from the effect by approaching drones.
  • LimboIcon272 Limbo
    • Banish130xDark Banish: Enemies inside the rift plane can't be reached by the drones.
    • Cataclysm130xDark Cataclysm: Enemies inside the rift plane can't be reached by the drones. Also, any enemy that enters Cataclysm range while under the effect of an Arbitration Drone will not enter the Rift Plane. Players in the Cataclysm cannot attack the drones in the Cataclysm while players outside of the rift plane or Operators still can.
  • NidusIcon272 Nidus
    • ParasiticLink130xDark Parasitic Link: Enemies under the effect of Parasitic Link will be freed from the effect by approaching drones.
  • NovaIcon272 Nova
    • MolecularPrime130xDark Molecular Prime: Enemies under the slow/speed effect of Molecular Prime will get the effect dispelled while under the effect of an Arbitration Drone. If the enemy loses the Drone buff, the slow/speed will continue to effect said enemy. Enemies hit by Molecular Prime while they were already shielded by Arbitration Drones won't be affected if they lose the invulnerability buff.
  • TitaniaIcon272 Titania
    • Razorwing130xDark Razorwing: Both Arbitration Drones and enemies shielded by them are immune to Dex Pixia's damage. It is unknown if the Exalted Weapons from other warframes are affected in a similar manner.
  • VaubanIcon272 Vauban
    • Bastille130xDark Bastille: Enemies under the effect of the drone are immune to the Bastille. When the drone comes close enough to an enemy hung up, they are released.


  • Arbitration Drones don't only share their immunity to prevent new debuffs to apply but also dispel most debuffs like MolecularPrime130xDark Molecular Prime's slow.
  • While they dispel most ability debuffs they can't reach enemies that are already inside the Rift Plane of Limbo's Cataclysm130xDark Cataclysm[citation needed]
  • Enemies frozen by Frost (also by the Chilling Globe Augment) won't be affected by Arbitration Drones if they got frozen before a drone was in range. After the freeze duration ends they are again able to get the damage and ability immunity.[citation needed]
  • It appears that the immunity doesn't take debuffs completely away. For example, if an enemy got hit by MolecularPrime130xDark Molecular Prime, he will lose the debuff while under the effect of an Arbitration Shield Drone, but will regain the debuff upon leaving the immunity.


  • The Arbitration Shield Drone's model is essentially a Fighter Escort drone wearing the Arbiters' characteristic headdress.

Patch History

Hotfix 25.7.6

  • Arbiter Drones will now have a small chance to drop Vitus Essence on kill.
    • Vitus Essence dropped by destroyed Arbitration drones will have the special pickup notification.

Update 25.7

  • Fixes towards the Arbitration Shield Drone sometimes spawning in unvisited rooms, making it feel as if the Drone doesn’t spawn at all.

Hotfix 24.8.3

  • Adjusted the Arbitration Shield Drone hitbox to encapsulate the whole visible body.

Hotfix 24.8.1

  • In an effort to increase visibility, both the Arbitration Shield Drone beam and Resurgence Burden colors have been changed to a more orange hue! We’ve also cranked up the contrast and added a more recognizable pulsing FX.
New Burden FX

Update 23.10

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 25.7.6

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