Arbitration Shield Drones are enemies exclusive to the Arbitrations deployed by Arbiters of Hexis to further challenge the Tenno undertaking the trial.


  • These drones are immune to all Warframe abilities and, similar to Shield Ospreys, can share this trait with enemies around them on top of full damage immunity, with a distinct magenta aura.
    • Enemies enveloped by the arbitration shield will not enter Limbo's rift even if they enter Cataclysm.
    • Frost's Snow Globe and Gara's Mass Vitrify may still block bullets shot by enemies affected by the drone.
    • Strangely, Arbitration Drones and enemies shielded by it have an inconsistent interaction when physically blocked by Mass Vitrify. When enemies tries damage the player, the glass wall will consistently block their pathing, yet when enemies has a secondary objective (such as capturing interception points), they can phase through.
  • Destroying the drones will trigger a powerful explosion that deals 3000 Blast b Blast damage to enemies in the area of the explosion.
  • As of Hotfix 23.10.7, the Drones are exempt from the Ancient Healer's damage reduction aura.


  • Projectile launchers or weapons with large projectile hitboxes such as Arca Plasmor are ideal for this task, as the drones are fairly small and move around quickly.
  • The death explosion of Arbitration Shield Drones can damage nearby Arbitration Drones. Use this to your advantage.


  • The Arbitration Shield Drone's model is essentially a Fighter Escort drone wearing the Aribters' characteristic headdress.

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